Kynance Cove


Kynance Cove



It is a surprise not to see Kynance Cove in Cornwall on more best beach lists. It isn't exactly a secret and can be summed up in one word - stunning! Situated just along the coast from Lizard Point (the most southerly point in Britain) this beach has been painted and photographed countless times over the past couple of hundred years. With near white sand, turquoise waters and incredible serpentine rock formations it is not difficult to see why.

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Kynance Cove tide times

Tue 11th December

Low 01:06am (1.37m)
High 06:43am (5.29m)
Low 01:27pm (1.40m)
High 07:00pm (4.96m)

Wed 12th December

Low 01:40am (1.53m)
High 07:20am (5.11m)
Low 02:03pm (1.58m)
High 07:38pm (4.76m)

Thu 13th December

Low 02:16am (1.73m)
High 07:59am (4.90m)
Low 02:41pm (1.77m)
High 08:19pm (4.55m)

Fri 14th December

Low 02:55am (1.93m)
High 08:43am (4.69m)
Low 03:25pm (1.95m)
High 09:08pm (4.37m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

11 °C
(51 °F)

Moderate breeze, 24.5 km/h from SSE

Sea temperature

12.2°C / 54°F


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