Surfside Beach

Locally known as “Surfside” this beach is situated on Follet’s Island by the Gulf of Mexico near the city of Freeport. The sand tends to be more wet and compact, so not ideal for building extravagant sandcastles. The beach is divided into one area where there is car access and the other area being only for pedestrian use. 

Overall, the atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly, but it can get a bit rowdy as it becomes more crowded and car enthusiasts show off their engines and sound systems. For those keen on more serenity, it’s better to arrive earlier in the day and enjoy the natural sounds of the beach and sea.

Tankers can be seen offshore waiting to dock nearby, but don’t let that put you off, as the waters are clean and ready to be enjoyed. The temperature stays warm, only getting slightly cooler in the winter months, making it a great spot for splashing around any time of the year. 

Do keep in mind however that the waves may be stronger, so pay close attention, especially if the kids decide to play about in the surf.

There is a small entry fee for coming in by car so you can park very conveniently, or just park a little further away and walk in for free.

Facilities-wise, there are portaloos by the beach but no proper restrooms or shower facilities.

There are plenty of hotels and campsites within strolling distance of the beach, and you can fill up with seafood and Mexican from a decent choice of restaurants, bars and grills in the area.

And as you’d expect from the name, there are lots of hire shops if you fancy having a go at some watersports, with places that offer surfboards, beach gear, boat and kayak rentals.

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