Top 100 beaches on Earth 2020

The definitive list of the best beaches in the world. Think powder white sand, turquoise seas, permanent sunshine and only the lightest of breezes wafting through the palms that fringe the beach and you're there. But that's not the whole story; we've also included some of the most amazing beaches on earth that don't tick all the usual boxes...

From the endless white sands of remote Australian beaches to palm fringed tropical idylls we have compiled (with your help) the finest beaches on Earth. Whilst some might argue there is a fair and accurate way of ranking the World's best beaches into some kind of order we have chosen our very own system. Basically, as far as we are concerned, the more mentions of words and phrases such as crystalline, azure, fine sand, turquoise, pristine, etc, the better!

But it doesn't stop there. We have left the final decision up to you, the users of the World Beach Guide. You too can rate every beach we have listed on the website with our infallible, patented five star rating system. So you can forget your Blue Flag awards, Trip-Advisor polls and whatever else you might have read on the internet. If you want to know which is the finest, greatest and downright coolest beach on the planet, look no further!