Ao Tanote Bay

Ao Tanote Bay - Thailand

While just a couple of hundred metres in length, the beach at Ao Tanote Bay on the Thai island of Koh Tao still manages to make for an exquisite escape. Combining sun, soft sand and warm shallows, coconut palms edge the plant-covered hills providing a quintessential tropical backdrop.

The fact it is a short walk from the nearest roads makes the biscuit-coloured sands all the more tranquil. It also has the feeling of being private and not-overlooked, although finding natural shade can be something of a problem in the middle of the day.

The waters that lap Ao Tanote Bay are calm, and clear enough to make it a favourite snorkelling spot, with corals and their fish populations accessible without long swims from the shore. Gear can be rented nearby. A large boulder of about 10 metres in height provides a place for the adventurous to try their hand at rock jumping. If you prefer to head further out, kayaks are available to rent too.

Turning your eye inland instead, there are a number of short walks leading uphill through the native plants to viewpoints overlooking the bay. To take advantage of the vistas at the top, a good pair of shoes is the best option.

Although the beach rarely becomes crowded, there are a good number of places to eat close by, and several accommodation options should you decide to extend your stay overnight.

Nearest town/city

Koh Tao


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  • Diving & snorkelling
  • Swimming/bathing


  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Restroom/toilets

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