Top 25+ Hong Kong Beaches

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When you think of Hong Kong, chances are you picture the iconic skyline and intense hustle and bustle of downtown. But what the majority of people don't realise is that nearly three-quarters of Hong Kong is actually unspoilt countryside and miles of undeveloped coastline.

Beyond the skyscrapers of Kowloon and Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong consists of a patchwork of country parks and smaller islands which are still home to tiny fishing villages. The terrain here is largely mountainous and thickly forested, but with well worn trails and excellent public transport this is a hiker's paradise.

Hong Kong's coastline is convoluted with hundreds of small bays, many of which are sheltered and ideal for swimming. Although the water quality varies, it is actually pretty good in places, including some beaches close to the city. Many of the beaches in Hong Kong are surprisingly large, and some are stunning. Think pristine sub-tropical mountains for a backdrop and wide golden sands with clear, blue waves breaking on a near empty shoreline. Beachgoers heaven and very different picture to the Hong Kong most of us imagine.

  • 1. Big Wave Bay Beach // Hong Kong Island

    Big Wave Bay Beach

    Located on the eastern end of Hong Kong island, Big Wave Bay Beach is a favorite for surfers and beach goers alike. It's not just big waves and this is a great location to learn how to surf and surfing lessons are available. You will find a number of places to rent all the equipment you need.

    If you want to just relax and enjoy the scenery, the golden sands are… read more »

  • 2. Lo So Shing Beach // Lamma Island

    Lo So Shing Beach
    Prosperity Horizons

    As you walk down the tree-lined stairs on the west coast of Lamma Island, you will see glimpses of sandy beaches that melt into the water. The secluded beach of Lo So Shing is one such quiet paradise surrounded by green hills.

    Although this beach is quiet and peaceful, you will find places along the path where you can buy a drink and other supplies as you make your way… read more »

  • 3. Pui O Beach // Lantau Island

    Pui O Beach
    Mark Lehmkuhler

    Pui O Beach on the southern coast of Lantau Island is a beautiful, long stretch of golden sand. Backed by fertile plains and a river the terrain rises up to either side with mountains providing a stunning backdrop. What makes this picturesque beach particularly interesting though are the roaming water buffalo, a legacy of the areas farming history. The sand at Pui O is black and yellow because of the… read more »

  • 4. South Bay Beach // Hong Kong Island

    South Bay Beach

    South Bay Beach is located on Hong Kong's Repulse Bay. It is crowded on the weekends but deserted during the week. You can descend the stairs from South Bay Road to arrive here and you will find changing rooms, showers, barbeque pits, raft rentals, and a small snack stand. It is more difficult to access than other beaches so you will find it more private.

    The sand is densely packed and… read more »

  • 5. Shek O Beach // Hong Kong Island

    Shek O Beach

    Located on the southeast coast of Hong Kong Island, Shek O Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Hong Kong. This beach, with its near-white sand, is nestled in a cove backed by green rocky hills which provide great views out over the islands and clear blue ocean beyond. Given its appeal and proximity to the city Shek O is one of the most popular beaches in Hong… read more »

  • 6. Deep Water Bay Beach // Hong Kong Island

    Deep Water Bay Beach

    Set in a bay at the foot of Violet Hill, Deep Water Bay beach is one of the closest swimming beaches to the city. Not only this but the backdrop of verdant green hillsides feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of down town.

    You will find that it is popular among locals with many prominent Chinese businessmen living here alongside Hong Kong celebrities. It has a Seaview Promenade that… read more »

  • 7. Repulse Bay Beach // Hong Kong Island

    Repulse Bay Beach
    © swisshippo

    Located on the south side of Hong Kong island Repulse Bay Beach is another popular spot for weekend beachgoers. It can get very crowded because it is easy for anyone in Hong Kong city to get here but If you arrive early enough, you can enjoy the expanse of golden sands reaching out to the blue waters in relative peace. Repulse Bay is just along the coast from Deep Water… read more »

  • 8. Ham Tin Wan

    Ham Tin Wan
    Colin Tsoi

    Ham Tin Wan Beach is located on Tai Long Wan Bay within the Sai Kung Country Park. Set among this mountainous and green terrain the beach here is a virtually pristine stertch of powdery sand and clear blue water. Definitely not the kind of scenery most people would associate with Hong Kong.

    The wide golden beach here is well enough off the beaten track to not crowded. It really is… read more »

  • 9. Golden Beach

    Golden Beach

    If you want your own space in the sand at Golden Beach, you will need to arrive pretty early on the weekends. As one of Hong Kong's premiere and most popular beaches, it gets busy quickly. If you can visit during the week, you will find fewer people.

    Golden Beach is one of Hong Kong's longest beaches, stretching around Castle Peak Bay. There is a backdrop greenery including palm trees… read more »

  • 10. Middle Bay Beach // Hong Kong Island

    Middle Bay Beach

    Located on a small bay next to the popular Repulse Bay Beach, you will find Middle Bay Beach, the most popular (unofficial) gay/LGBT beach in Hong Kong for tourists as well as locals. This is a fairly small and cosy stretch of sand with tree covered cliffs sheltering the cove. This is a place to relax and offers more privacy than some of the busier beaches nearby.

    There are plenty of… read more »

  • 11. Silvermine Bay // Lantau Island

    Silvermine Bay
    Prosperity Horizons

    Silvermine Bay is near the small town of Mui Wo on Lantau Island. The beach is long with golden sand, and it is pretty clean. It is easy to access from the town, and you can use it as a starting point for hikes, relax on the soft sand or rent kayaks or paddle boards to enjoy the water. You will find restaurants and other attractions nearby, including a waterfall… read more »

  • 12. Clear Water Bay Second Beach

    Clear Water Bay Second Beach
    © Ngchikit

    The Clear Water Bay is a peninsula on the southeastern tip of the New Territories. Mostly given over to a country park, it is an ideal spot for anyone looking to quickly get away from the city and enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature.

    Clear Water Bay Second Beach is the bigger of two beaches joined together by a path. Backed by the trees of the park, the beach… read more »

  • 13. Clear Water Bay First Beach

    Clear Water Bay First Beach

    The Clear Water Bay is a peninsula on the southeastern tip of the New Territories. Mostly given over to a country park, it is an ideal spot for anyone looking to quickly get away from the city and enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature.

    Clear Water Bay First Beach is the smaller of two beaches joined together by a path. Backed by the trees of the park, the beach… read more »

  • 14. Tung Wan Beach // Cheung Chau

    Tung Wan Beach
    Keeio LAM

    Tung Wan Beach has a beautiful stretch of golden sand that reach out to the blue waters of the wide, east-facing bay. It is generally safe to swim here, and you will find lots of amenities such as changing rooms, showers, and children's playground. This is a town beach and the area bhind is quite built up. From here there are sweeping views of the ocean and Aberdeen and Lamma… read more »

  • 15. Hung Shing Yeh Beach // Lamma Island

    Hung Shing Yeh Beach

    Located on Lamma Island, the sandy beach of Hung Shing Yeh is still a very popular spot. Be sure to arrive early on the weekends so that you can grab somewhere to throw down your towel. If you want to visit when it is quiet, the weekdays are a good bet.

    Hung Shing Yeh Beach is a favorite for visitors and locals alike with its stretch of powdery golden sand… read more »