Top 25+ India Beaches

Sometimes referred to as the Sub-continent, India is a pretty substantial country with a correspondingly large coastline. Virtually all of this 7,000 km long coast is set well within the tropics, so as you can imagine there are any number of idyllic beaches to explore.

However, most visitors to India don't do much in the way of exploring and instead head for the well-trodden beaches of Goa. And who could blame them, after all this ex-Portuguese colony is home to many of the best beaches in India. But the beaches of Goa are no longer the undiscovered hippie havens of the 1970s and have become quite busy and in some cases over-developed.

The good news is much of India's west coast has beautiful beaches to rival those of Goa, many of which have barely been 'discovered'. Neighbouring states such as Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka are home to some stunning stretches of unspoilt, palm fringed stretches of sand. Even further off the beaten, beachgoers path is Tamil Nadu where ancient temples rise up out of the sand.

Most people visiting India will be looking for a little more than your standard beach holiday. After all this is a country with a very different culture and amazing array of ancient sights.

But if it is beaches, and only beaches you are looking for then there is somewhere in India that is home to truly world class pristine tropical beaches - the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Closer to Thailand and Malaysia than mainland India this archipelago of 500+ islands has countless white-sand, palm-lined beaches along with some of the best surfing and diving on the planet.

The Best Indian Beaches...

  • Radhanagar Beach // Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    Radhanagar Beach
    © Bishnu Sarangi

    Radhanagar Beach also takes the alternative name of Beach No 7. Its white sands, which gently slope into the waters of the Bay of Bengal to a backdrop of verdant forest, are regularly voted one of the best in Asia and the world.

    Radhanagar Beach lies on the western side of Swaraj Dweep, which is still often known by its colonial era name of Havelock… read more »

  • Varkala Beach // Kerala

    Varkala Beach
    © Navaneeth Krishnan S / CC BY

    Set in the south of Kerala Varkala Beach is a truly beautiful spot. From the long stretch of cliff there are views out over the Arabian Sea and the beach below. This stretch fine white sand is outlined in coconut trees and bamboo huts giving it a totally tropical feel. Whilst there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and shops nearby this is still less commercialized… read more »

  • Querim Beach // Goa

    Querim Beach
    © Jo Kent / CC BY

    Querim Beach, often referred to as Keri Beach, is the northernmost beach in Goa. As such it has something of a remote feel to it and never gets busy like nearby Arambol Beach to the south. Querim Beach is a place you can enjoy relaxing walks on the beach, sunbathe, go surfing and watching the sunset. This is the place you head to for… read more »

  • Bekal Beach // Kerala

    Bekal Beach
    © Soman / CC BY

    Bekal Beach is located on Kerala's Malabar coastline on the shores of the Arabian Sea. This area is a popular destination in India because of its natural scenic beauty and hospitality. Besides the the picturesque, tropical beach , there is a substantial historic fort on the southern headland. The fort is nearly 300 years old, and it offers commanding views over the beach and beyond.… read more »

  • Marari Beach // Kerala

    Marari Beach
    © Mahendra M / CC BY

    The long straight ribbon of sand that forms Marari Beach is backed by palms and slopes gently into Kerala's Arabian Sea waters. While just 11 km from Alleppey (Alappuzha), it is little known. Busiest on weekends and holidays, it remains largely undeveloped. As a result, its facilities are limited, although both sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented here.

    The large waves make swimming off… read more »

  • Puthenthope Beach // Kerala

    Puthenthope Beach
    © Bentojustin / CC BY

    The reddish sands of Puthenthope Beach are uncrowded and known for their tranquillity. A small hamlet and a couple of high-end resorts cluster around this beach, which is situated between two man-made hills.

    The nearby coconut groves make for a wonderful place to swing gently in a hammock while enjoying the refreshing breeze that comes off the ocean.

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  • Ashvem Beach // Goa

    Ashvem Beach
    © David Jones / CC BY
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  • Bogmalo Beach // Goa

    Bogmalo Beach
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  • Agonda Beach // Goa

    Agonda Beach
    © Tuderna / CC BY

    Located in the middle of South Goa, Agonda Beach is a long stretch of soft golden sand that meets the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Amongst the backdrop of palm trees there are actually huts where you can stay during your visit, making for a complete beach experience.

    This beach is generally pretty laid back and peaceful. You can spend your time relaxing and taking… read more »

  • Palolem Beach // Goa

    Palolem Beach
    © Tuderna / CC BY

    Goa is without doubt the most popular destination in India for beach holidays with its lively beach scene. Palolem Beach is a naturally beautiful spot in the south of the state with a long crescent of sand and blue waters. This is a place to relax on the beach or take a dip in the Arabian Sea.

    When you arrive in this tropical paradise, you will… read more »

  • Azhimala Beach // Kerala

    Azhimala Beach
    © Dr Ajay Balachandran / CC BY

    Just a short drive from Kovalam is the much quieter, laid back Azhimala Beach. Compared to the hustle and bustle along the coast this is a wonderfully peaceful and natural location.

    Gentle waves wash the long stretch of golden sand, and the backdrop is coconut palm trees with the odd cluster of boulders. Instead of a throng of tourists you can watch the local fishermen landing… read more »

  • Polem Beach // Goa

    Polem Beach
    © Goaforholidays / CC BY

    Polem beach lies in the south of Goa, and is the last beach in the state before the border with Karnataka. At 700 metres in length, it is considered small by Goa's standards.

    Its clean yellow sands are set slightly back from the surrounding coastline, in a small bay. Providing some shelter from the full strength of the Arabian Sea, it is generally regarded as safe… read more »

  • Om Beach // Karnataka

    Om Beach
    © Bishnu Sarangi

    Located just south of the border with Goa is the of Gokarna, a small town famous for its beautiful beaches. Om Beach is one of the most popular and iconic of the areas beaches.

    The name of the beach comes from its shape; two crescents of sand meet with a rock formation in the middle. This forms the shape of the Hindu Om symbol (ॐ)… read more »

  • Cherai Beach // Kerala

    Cherai Beach
    © Jan J George / CC BY

    Located within a stone's throw of Kochi, Kerala's most populous city, is Cherai Beach. This long, golden sand beach sits on a 15-kilometer strip of coast backed by extensive backwaters. As the beach stretches off into the distance with a view of the Arabian Sea to one side and groves of coconut palms to the other it is hard to imagine you are just a… read more »

  • Kappad Beach // Kerala

    Kappad Beach
    © Sarah and Iain / CC BY

    With its long stretch of pale-golden sands backed by tall coconut palms Kappad Beach is as delightful as any in Kerala. It is also just the right combination of wild beauty but with all the amenities and conveniences close at hand.

    Long before the beachgoers, Kappad Beach was an important place in Kerala’s history. In 1498, Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama led 170 men to land… read more »