Om Beach

Located just south of the border with Goa is the of Gokarna, a small town famous for its beautiful beaches. Om Beach is one of the most popular and iconic of the areas beaches.

The name of the beach comes from its shape; two crescents of sand meet with a rock formation in the middle. This forms the shape of the Hindu Om symbol (ॐ) - sort of - and hence the name.

Om Beach is an idyllic spot with its golden sand and backdrop of lush tropical greenery. Along the beach are a number of rocky outcrops with names such as Shiva Rocks and “Rock of Peace” which add to the spiritual theme of the place, along with creating some great photo opportunities.

In fact the Gokarna area doesn’t just attract beachgoers but is also an important Hindu pilgrimage site with a number of temples in and around the town. Many of the pilgrims also head for the beaches and they are at their most numerous during the Shivaratri festival in late March / early April. This makes for a wonderfully eclectic mix of people on the beach from Hindu pilgrims to backpackers and yoga tourists.

There are plenty of shacks along the beach offering a range of food and drinks. Om Beach also has plenty of activities on offer, many of which seem at odds with the spiritual side of this spot. Along with banana boats and jet skis are activities more becoming of the beautiful location such as dolphin spotting trips.

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