The Beach Guide

Top 15 Palawan Beaches


The long, thin slither of islands that make up Palawan extend south westerly, away from the main cluster which makes up the rest of the Philippines. This is the remotest and least populated of all Filipino regions, and there is little arguing that it is home to the most stunning scenery.

It is only in recent years that Palawan has crept on to the travel radar, and whilst many have still yet to know it by name you will probably recognise it. Images of its towering karst limestone pinnacles jutting out of crystal clear turquoise waters are becoming a staple of the travel media. Imagine Thailand at its very best and you're close to imagining the breathtaking landscapes of Palawan.

Ranked as one of the "best islands in the world", tourism has inevitably begun to make its mark on Palawan. However, at present it is still only the northern El Nido and Coron areas that attract anything approaching a crowd. The rest of the region remains something of a pristine, tropical idyll with mile upon mile of barely explored coastline.

In fact swathes of the archipelago form a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with exotic flora and fauna to be found on both the land and in the sea. Palawan is diving heaven with species including turtles, whale sharks and dugongs all found here. And if that weren't enough the WWII Japanese shipwrecks off Coron Island are considered one of the best dive sites on earth.

The beaches of Palawan and its islands are without doubt some of the best in Southeast Asia, and therefore the world. These are the beaches you imagine when you think archetypal tropical paradise.