Top 20 Philippines Beaches

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Consisting of over 7 thousand individual islands the Philippines offers a staggering array of beach destinations. Admittedly only around 2,000 of these islands are inhabited but this still provides a wealth of choice. While all the islands might be considered tropical idylls, they do vary widely from one to another. 

If you are a looking for a tropical getaway but want a location less crowded than Bali or Thailand, the Philippines is an excellent alternative. You will find the same powdery white sand beaches, with crystal clear, warm turquoise waters and a backdrop of lush tropical vegetation and limestone rock features.

In addition, many of the best beaches in the Philippines are still relatively pristine and offer not only an escape from the holiday crowds but an array of natural wonders. The Philippines are listed as one of the most biodiverse countries on earth with a mind-blowing array of flora and fauna. Great news for divers as much of the Filipino coast is renown for its coral reefs and brightly colored topical marine life.

Of course it isn't all just about exploring far flung islands; there are plenty of lively beach towns and a growing number of up-market luxury resorts. However, it's still all about the beach and the list below aims to help you find your very own patch of paradise.

The Best Filipino Beaches...

  • 1. El Nido // Palawan

    El Nido
    © softlight69 / 123RF

    El Nido is an unspoilt tropical paradise often referred to as the Philippines' last frontier. Situated towards the northern tip of Palawan island El Nido is much more than just a single beach. In fact it comprises around 50 beaches set among a series of small islands, towering marble cliffs, lush tropical vegetation, ancient caves and enchanting lagoons.

    As if that wasn't enough, El Nido is the largest marine sanctuary… read more »

  • 2. White Beach // Boracay

    White Beach
    © Angelo Juan Ramos / CC BY

    They call it White beach for a reason - several kilometers of brilliant white sand to contrast with the swaying palms behind and the turquoise ocean in front.

    Now, many people will say that Boracay has been somewhat spoiled by too much tourism. Whilst there is no arguing that it is probably the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, I think White beach still has plenty of charm. One thing… read more »

  • 3. Seven Commandos Beach // Palawan

    Seven Commandos Beach
    Allan Ascaño

    Located in El Nido, Seven Commandos Beach has beautiful white sands, turquoise waters, and dramatic limestone cliffs. Fringed with coconut palms this is the archeytpal tropical Southeast Asian beach.

    Before continuing, it is worth explaining the name, as I know you are probably wondering! They say that the name comes from World War II, when seven commandos were stranded here. There isn't really any more information than that, or whether it… read more »

  • 4. Corong Corong Beach // Palawan

    Corong Corong Beach
    © Galeja

    Corong Corong Beach is located in the El Nido area and is home to some of the stunning scenery that Palawan Island has become known for. The prefect sandy beach is fringed with tall coconut palm trees and limestone rock formations tower above the crystal clear water at the northern end.

    The beach at Corong Corong is generally not as crowded as El Nido's other beaches. It also has more… read more »

  • 5. Duli Beach // Palawan

    Duli Beach
    © Jakub Barzycki/123RF

    Set towards the north of Palawan island, Duli Beach is within easy reach of the tourist hub of El Nido, but far enough to keep the crowds away (around 25 km). In fact, chances are you'll have the place to yourself. This generous stretch of pristine beach is backed by palm trees and thick jungle covered hills beyond. With barely anything in the way of development this really is a… read more »

  • 6. Puka Beach // Boracay

    Puka Beach
    © Pavel Chernobrivets / 123RF

    Situated on the northern tip of the island of Boracay is the tranquil tropical idyl of Puka beach. The name of the beach comes from the type of shells which make up the sand here; whilst some may find it a touch coarse it looks lovely bleached white in the sun. The half a mile stretch of beach here is a place of calm where you can here the sea… read more »

  • 7. Malcapuya Beach // Palawan

    Malcapuya Beach

    Located on Malcapuya Island near Coron, Malcapuya Beach is everything you imagine a tropical island beach would be. One of the regular destinations on the Island Hopping Tour, Malcapuya is just to the north of the better-known Banana Island. This secluded spot has endless stretches of white sand which wraps around the entire island and the water is as clear as you can imagine.

    When you visit Malcapuya Beach, you are… read more »

  • 8. Kalanggaman Island // Leyte

    Kalanggaman Island
    © David Astley

    Sometimes cliches are good; think desert islands - pristine white sands, gently swaying coconut palms and bright, clear turquoise waters. Well, this is exactly what you will find on the tiny Kalanggaman Island. Frame a shot with one of the numerous catamarans pulled up on the beach and you won't need to be buying any postcards.

    Whilst a quick look on Instagram will tell you Kalanggaman Island is far from un-discovered,… read more »

  • 9. Sumilon Island (Oslob) // Cebu

    Sumilon Island (Oslob)
    © Liana Smith Bautista

    The little island of Sumilon lies just a few kilometres off the east coast of the Cebu resort town of Oslob. Measuring less than a kilometre across Sumion really is the epitome of a tropical island and packs plenty into its diminutive size.

    One of the main reasons to head over from the mainland is to visit the beautiful Sumilon Sandbar, an idyllic stretch of fine white sand on the northern… read more »

  • 10. Alona Beach // Bohol

    Alona Beach
    © Magalhães

    The wide, sands of Alona Beach tick all the boxes for an archetypal tropical beach; crystal clear turquoise water, coconut palms swaying in the breeze and powdery white sand - it's even on an island. But don't expect a Robinson Crusoe, desert island experience at Alona, this is perhaps the most popular destination in Bohol. Now a small, but booming resort town has grown up around this slice of paradise… read more »

  • 11. Nacpan Beach // Palawan

    Nacpan Beach
    Allan Ascaño

    Nacpan Beach stretches along the Palawan coast for four kilometers. Backed by a line of tall, swaying coconut palms the beach here is beautiful gold-tinged sand lapped by gentle turquoise waves.

    As you head south along Nacpan beach, you will pass what was once just a tiny fishing village before reaching the imposing limestone headland. Just before this the beach becomes a narrow spit and joins neighbouring Calitang Beach to… read more »

  • 12. White Beach - Port Barton // Palawan

    White Beach - Port Barton
    Dennis Orita

    Port Barton is not a super well-known destination, but if you have the chance you should definitely visit before it is well and truly "discovered". The little coastal town is much more laid back than spots such as El Nido and Coron which have become victims of their own success. That said the secret about this destination is out, and it is growing quickly in popularity.

    The good news is the… read more »

  • 13. Marimegmeg Beach // Palawan

    Marimegmeg Beach
    © Galeja

    Marimegmeg Beach sits on the same stretch of sand as Las Cabanas just south of El Nido. In fact many consider them the same beach. Either way, Marimegmeg offers you a quiet stretch of paradise with a good range of facilities close at hand.

    Whilst Marimegmeg Beach may not be able to rival some of the island beaches with their pristine settings and pure white sands it is easy to get… read more »

  • 14. Long Beach // Palawan

    Long Beach
    © Namhwi Kim/123RF

    The name Long Beach is something of a clue here, as is the local claim that this is "the longest white beach in the Philippines". Stretching for over 8 kilometres (5 miles) along the Palawan coast it certainly does live up to its name. What the name doesn't convey is what a stunning, pristine beach this is.

    An unbroken expanse of white sand, Long Beach is backed by a uniform fringing… read more »

  • 15. Las Cabañas Beach // Palawan

    Las Cabañas Beach

    If you are looking for a quiet stretch of paradise, Las Cabanas Beach is well worth the hike. You get to this beach on foot, and when you arrive, you will be greeted with a view of golden sands reaching out into crytaline turquoise waters. Beyond the fringing of coconut palms is a backdrop of mountains rising out of the forest and up to the clouds.

    On one end of… read more »