Kalanggaman Island Beach

  • Kalanggaman Island Beach - Philippines
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  • Kalanggaman Island Beach - Philippines
  • Kalanggaman Island Beach - Philippines
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Sometimes cliches are good; think desert islands - pristine white sands, gently swaying coconut palms and bright, clear turquoise waters. Well, this is exactly what you will find on the tiny Kalanggaman Island. Frame a shot with one of the numerous catamarans pulled up on the beach and you won’t need to be buying any postcards.

Whilst a quick look on Instagram will tell you Kalanggaman Island is far from un-discovered, it still remains unspoilt. So many of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches have become victims of their own success, but this is not true of Kalanggaman Island, at least for now. The good news is it will never be crowded as visitor numbers are restricted to certain number every day. On top of this, there is a small cahrge for visiting.

Located just off the coast of Palampon, in Leyte, the island really is tiny. Stretching for a mere 700 metres in length, most of which is made up of the long sandbar which exteds off the east of the island. The other end of the island has a peppering of palm trees and is fringed with coral reef. The name of the island is the local Cebuano word for bird, which refers to its long, narrow, seagull-in-flight shape.

Kalanggaman was declared a marine sanctuary in 2009 meaning it actually is as pristine as it looks. As well as offering some great snorkelling in the shallows around the island you may also spot dolphins here. However, most people who come to the island just come here to relax and soak up the picture perfect tropical vistas. Optional activities include bobbing around in the sea and lazing under palm trees!

There is virtually nothing in the way of development on Kalanggaman Island; no bars, no resorts and not much in the way of other facilities. There is a little kiosk where you can get some snacks, but it is a good idea to bring your own provisions (and just as importantly take everything back with you). You can stay on the island, although it will be in your own tent - but this means you will have the opportunity of waking up with the island almost to yourself.

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