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Top 25+ Bulgaria Beaches


Bulgaria is one of the best budget destinations in Europe and is home to a diverse landscape including numerous mountains and rivers, best known of which is the mighty Danube. It is also home to a considerable stretch of Black Sea coastline dotted with fantastic array of sandy beaches and coves.

The country's beach resorts are especially family-friendly but there are also patches of unspoiled wilderness. Whilst some of the city backdrops still have the austere air of Eastern Bloc about them there are plenty of coastal villages with charm enough to rival their Mediterranean contemporaries.

Many of Bulgaria's most popular resort beaches are quite lively and close to nightclubs, restaurants, and bars, while others provide a more family-friendly experience. 

The beaches of Bulgaria themselves are quite diverse, but generally have fairly calm waters making them ideal for families, and for activities such as kayaking, paddleboards and swimming. Many of these beaches are close to luxury hotels and amenities like restaurants and sun-loungers; they can however get overcrowded during the peak of the season.

To avoid the summer crowds, you may want to try other beaches with alternative offerings like camping. These tend to be geared more towards the Bulgarians and in particular middle-aged couples or those on holiday with family. These beaches are farther away from any loud parties or rowdy bars

More adventurous visitors and those looking for clothing-optional beaches will be rewarded by exploring Bulgaria's coastline outside of the main tourist traps. It is still possible to find an idyllic patch of sand or secret cove to yourself before the developers and Instagramers arrive.

  • Primorsko

    © / CC BY

    One of Bulgaria's premiere beachside resorts, Primorsko also has an illustrious history stretching back to the Bronze Age. The town also served as a medieval fortress and valuable port between Western and Ottoman traders. That legacy of international exchange remains vivid in Primorsko's vibrant café and nightlife culture.

    Regardless of the areas historic credentials, these are just a backdrop to Primorsko's natural beauty. Long… read more »

  • Sinemorets

    © Marcin Szala / CC BY

    Set close to the Turkish border Veleka Beach is one of two beaches in Sinemorets, and by far the nicest. In fact it is one of the most striking and iconic beaches in Bulgaria consisting of a narrow strip of soft white sand which juts out across the mouth of the Veleka River as it empties into the Black Sea. This creates… read more »

  • Bolata Beach

    Bolata Beach
    © Dimitar Bachvarov / CC BY

    Located in a neat little enclave flanked by smooth brick-red ridges, Bolata Beach is one of Northern Bulgaria's best kept secrets. A near perfect semi-circle of sand, protected by breakwaters, this is a quite unique little cove, and one of very few beaches in the area.

    While Bulgaria's beaches are beginning to become better-appreciated by the outside world, this cove has remained a local secret for… read more »

  • Golden Sands

    Golden Sands
    © Mister No / CC BY

    Any list of Bulgaria's top beaches wouldn't be complete without Golden Sands Beach. It is easily one of the best known beaches in the country, and has long been a popular summer spot with locals and tourists alike. If you're looking for somewhere a little more family-friendly and peaceful than the more touristic Sunny Beach, Golden Sands Beach may be perfect for you.

    Golden Sands… read more »

  • Duni Beach

    Duni Beach
    © SpaceControl / CC BY

    Bulgaria's beaches come in all shapes and sizes to suit all visitors. Duni Beach has the distinction of being one of the most resort-friendly beaches in Bulgaria. With a number of well catered for resorts in close proximity, this is definitely a great beach to consider visiting.

    This is also one of the most recently developed beach areas in Bulgaria. While Dyuni Beach obviously predates the… read more »

  • Primorsko South beach

    Primorsko South beach

    Primorsko's other beach sits to the south of the headland which is home to this pleasant resort town. This long stretch of golden sand is partly backed by sand dunes and the Dyavolska River which helps preserve something of a wild feeling, particularly towards the southern end of the beach.

    South beach is one of the liveliest beaches in the… read more »

  • Albena Beach

    Albena Beach
    © Boby Dimitrov / CC BY

    This beautiful expanse of fine golden sand stretches for 5 Km (3 miles) and is largely backed by the woodland of the Baltata National Reserve. Despite being on the Black Sea coast the water is anything but black here. Maybe the "crystal clear azure coast" would have been a more appropriate name as this beach is the proud owner of a Blue Flag award.

    The… read more »

  • Varna beach

    Varna beach

    Among Bulgaria's many fantastic beaches, Varna Beach distinguishes itself by being located in the heart of a thriving city as well as within a stone's throw of a host of other destinations. And that's not to say this isn't a great beach; in fact if you are looking to get the most out of your Bulgarian beach-going experience and want to make sure… read more »

  • Sunny Beach

    Sunny Beach
    © Boby Dimitrov / CC BY

    There is little doubt which of Bulgaria's beaches is best known (and liveliest). Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag to the locals) is legendary for its golden sands and entertainment, both on and off the beach. The resort is extremely popular with Europeans and tourists from further afield looking to sun themselves in the day and dance the nights away at one of the many nightclubs nearby. It… read more »

  • Butamyata Beach

    Butamyata Beach
    © Todor Petkov / CC BY
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  • Ahtopol

    © Nenko Lazarov / CC BY

    For the perfect mix of natural beauty and millennia-old history, look no further than Ahtopol Beach. Found within the greater confines of Strandzha Nature Park, this is the largest protected area in Bulgaria and home to a wonderful array of flora and fauna. Eighty percent of the reserve is covered in forests, making the beach areas stand out that much more as a glittering sandy… read more »

  • Silistar

    © Marcin Szala / CC BY

    Straddling the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, Silistar is a perfect beach for anyone looking to soak up some sun as they go country hopping between these Black Sea neighbours. The little beach is located about 5 km south of the Sinemorets area and is a great hidden gem for those savvy enough to go looking for it.

    Once you arrive, you'll find lovely… read more »

  • Irakli Beach

    Irakli Beach
    © alex yosifov / CC BY

    Of all the distinctions between beaches in Bulgaria, whether it is a developed resort beach or a "wild" beach prubably has the biggest impact. Whilst the former are supposedly more appealing to famiies and revellers, the latter will attract more adventurous spirits. This is a generalization, of course, but one beach that stands out on the "wild" side of things is Irakli Beach.

    Located about 4… read more »

  • Sozopol

    kuchin ster

    For an enticing blend of the old and the new, look no further than Sozopol. One of the oldest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera, there's a lot to see here historically speaking, from the Archaeological Museum to the Southern Fortress Wall to the Old Town area, where many of the homes are over a century old.

    Once you're ready to head down to the… read more »

  • Alepu Beach

    Alepu Beach
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