Best 25+ Finland Beaches

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Sitting between Russia and Sweden, partly in the Arctic Circle and dipping into the Baltic Sea Finland is not the obvious choice for a beach holiday. And during the winter months the reasons for this are pretty stark; the sea is frozen solid and you'll have to dig through the snow to find any sand.

However, roll on summer and Finland is often both warm and sunny. Even better news is there are hundreds of sandy beaches dotted, not only around the coast of this Nordic Nation, but around the myriad of lakes which dominate the landscape.

Finland's capital, Helsinki is home to a number of the country's best beaches both on the mainland and on the numerous little islands just off the coast. The capital is also one of the warmest part of Finland with summer temperatures often hitting 30°C (86°F).

The Best Finnish Beaches...

  • 1. Yyteri Beach

    Yyteri Beach

    Yyteri Beach is a magnificent 6-kilometre stretch of golden sands on Finland's west coast. It looks out over the chilly waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, which merges with the Baltic Sea at its southern end. Backed by extensive sand dunes, and woodland beyond, the beach at Yyteri has a wild feel.

    This beach resort is one of the most popular summer destinations with Nordic residents, thanks to its position… read more »

  • 2. Nallikari beach

    Nallikari beach
    © Teemu Vehkaoja

    Beaches in Finland face more extreme conditions than most other countries - the warmth of summer and the freezing depths of winter. Whilst most beachgoers would pack up their towels when the mercury plummets, Nallikari Beach has something to offer all year round. 

    During summer, it is one of the most popular spots to soak up the sun in Finland. In winter, the beach and surrounding area plays host to Baltic… read more »

  • 3. Suomenlinna

    Giuseppe Milo
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Probably by far the most historic beaches in Helsinki, Suomenlinna Beach began life as a Swedish fortress when Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. The original entrance to the fortress, Kuninkaanportti ("King's Gate") and its antique cannons continue to stand as symbols of Suomenlinna. The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Adding to that rich history is nearby Suomenlinna Church, built in 1854 and… read more »

  • 4. Tulliniemi

    Great for:
    • Kitesurfing

    Feeling far from the beaten path, Tulliniemi Beach is all about Finland's wild untamed natural beauty. The shore here is rockier and filled with larger pebbles than most other beaches. The Tulliniemi Nature Path takes you through north past rounded cliffs, beautiful forested areas, a nature preserve, and bird sanctuary before sloping back down to the beach itself.

    The sand paired with the meadows here have a unique texture, and the… read more »

  • 5. Hietaniemi

    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Once upon a time, this picturesque stretch of sand in Hietaniemi was a landfill. Today, it's one of the most popular and fashionable beaches in Finland. Inaugurated in 1929, Hietaniemi Beach is located in central Helsinki in the Töölö district. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike, earning it the reputation of being Helsinki's answer to Copacabana!

    With the area right in the midst of Helsinki, you can enjoy the… read more »

  • 6. Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät

    Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät

    Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät offers a unique blend of a rural Finnish beach with a nearby spa area. With long golden sand beaches backed by dunes and pine forests it is home to an active outdoor scene. Here you can take part in everything from hiking to cycling to just wandering the dunes on the boardwalk trails.

    Out on the sea itself, you can take in the fresh air of the Gulf of… read more »

  • 7. Pyynikin

    Ville .fi
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    The Nordic countries have a rich fishing and seafaring history with most major cities being situated on the coast. Finland's second city, Tampere, feels like it is on the coast but the waters here don't connect to the Baltic Sea. Instead, the city borders several large lakes within the heart of Finland. Pyynikin Beach is located on the shores of Lake Villilänsalmi giving it a somewhat different feeling to coastal… read more »

  • 8. Aurinkolahti

    © Migro
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Situated on the eastern half of the city, Aurinkolahti is one of the most up and coming districts in Helsinki. At its heart is Aurinkolahti Beach, one of the best and most popular beaches in the greater Helsinki region.

    Whether you visit in the warmer or cooler months, the soft golden sand is quite a contrast to the powerful rocks jutting out into the clear blue sea. The water here is… read more »

  • 9. Matarinpuiston

    Arto Alanenpää
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Situated in the Vantaa area, in the south of Finland, Matarinpuiston Beach offers scenic views of the crisp clear blue water of this slow-moving section of river. The sand is fringed with an abundance of greenery, including plenty of grassland and towering pine trees. 

    Despite being some distance from the sea Matarinpuiston Beach offers plenty of swimming and sunbathing opportunities, all in a peaceful family-friendly atmosphere.

    All of this makes the Matarinpuiston… read more »

  • 10. Myllyjärvi

    Tiia Monto
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Myllyjärvi Beach is one of the many inland beaches by one of Finland's countless lakes and rivers; a picture of peaceful Nordic natural beauty. This lakeside beach in the Espoo area borders a nature reserve that offers scenic views of lush green forests and deep blue lakes alike.

    You'll want to check out both the north and south side of this lovely beach area. It is a classic location for swimming… read more »

  • 11. Otanlahti

    Joe Kaniini
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Another one of the many inland lake areas that boast sandy beaches as well, Otanlahti Beach offers a scenic view of the expansive waters that dominate the area.

    Here you'll find an array of fishing and sailing boats - year-round boating is a popular activity here. The same can be said about swimming, as the beach area boasts some of the best and clearest water near Espoo.

    In addition to that, there… read more »

  • 12. Möysä

    Tiia Monto
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Like many of the cities in the inland part of Finland, Lahti is home to some wonderful lakeside beaches, with Möysä Beach chiefly among them.

    The beach area is noted for its soft beige sand and lush forested area nearby teeming with greenery. The water is incredibly clear here, making it ideal for swimming.

    There is a playground for children nearby and plenty of places for cookouts, making Möysä Beach one of… read more »

  • 13. Degersand

    © Egon Eagle

    One of the most popular vacation destinations in the Åland Islands, Degersand Beach offers a wide range of different activities against the backdrop of splendid views of the Gulf of Bothnia. This cluster of islands is a unique multicultural area in Northern Europe, sitting between Finland and Sweden, and it is the only area of Finland to have a majority Swedish-speaking population.

    That unique blend of cultures is on display in… read more »

  • 14. Kansanpuisto

    Ville Säävuori

    The tiny beach of Kansanpuisto offers a great view of nearby Hirvensalo Island, which is reachable via the Pukinsalmi channel, through which ships travel to the Port of Turku. All of this makes this little park and beach area quite busy, with bathers, swimmers, and beach sports enthusiasts of all kinds frequenting the area. There is a playground for children, a volleyball court, nearby restaurants, and a villa.

    Kansanpuisto Beach is… read more »

  • 15. Haukilahden

    Great for:
    • Swimming
    read more »