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Top 19 Turkey Beaches


Turkey sits straddling Europe and Asia forming a rich melting pot of history and culture. As a holiday destination it has a lot to offer, from and array of archaeological sites and historic gems to the bustling bazaars of Istanbul. The landscape is equally diverse ranging from snow capped mountains to the archetypal olive groves and fishing villages of the Mediterranean coast. Oh, and some of Europe's best beaches!

Turkey's 7,000 km coastline can be roughly divided into three distinct regions; to the north is the Black Sea coast, in the west the Aegean and the south is the Mediterranean or Turquoise Coast. For now the Black sea remains something of an unexplored region for foreign travellers, although the more adventurous will find some beautiful little beaches here.

The Aegean Coast on the other hand is characterised by wide sandy expanses that have to some extent been developed as resorts. But it is the Turkish Riviera or Turquoise Coast where virtually all the best known beaches in Turkey are located. Resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Izmir have grown up around many of the finest beaches.

With no less than 450 Blue Flag beaches in Turkey it is no simple task to choose a beach. Hopefully our selection of some of our favourite beaches below will offer some ideas.