Top 16 Barbados Beaches

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The island of Barbados may only measure 21 miles (34km) in length but it has no shortage in world class beaches. There are approximately 70 miles (50km) of beach around the island's coast and nearly every square inch of that is pristine white sand made from finely ground coral. For a small island there are a surprisingly diverse range of beaches with the character changing from coast to coast.

The west coast of Barbados is also known as the "Platinum Coast" and is home to many fine beaches such as Brandon's beach and Reeds Bay. This side of the island is sheltered from the Atlantic waves and the azure waters that gently lap these shores are, if anything, a little warmer.
The beaches are no less magnificent on the east coast, but here they face into the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result there are several world class surf spots including "Soup Bowls" located at Bathsheba.

To the north of the island things are a little more rugged with high coral cliffs rising up from the ocean and forming secluded coves and little bays. The coast here is fairly exposed to the Atlantic swells so care should always be taken when entering the water.

It is on the south eastern coast of Barbados that some of the island's finest beaches can be found. The beaches here are a kind of combination of the east and west coast, so there is a little of something for everyone from kite-surfing to snorkeling and swimming. Heading the list on the south coast is the much acclaimed Crane beach - a regular in top 10 world's greatest beaches features. Amongst the various other great beaches there is Bottom Bay, worth checking out just for the name if nothing else!