The 11 Best Aruba Beaches

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The tiny island nation of Aruba is situated just of the coast of Venezuela, although it is actually part of the Netherlands. In contrast to much of the Caribbean region the climate in Aruba is dry and arid with the much of the landscape rock strewn with an abundance of cactus.

Aruba is an island of two very different coasts; the windward east coast has a remote feel and is virtually undeveloped. Atlantic waves crash into the limestone cliffs creating weird and wonderful rock formations and craggy coves. The seas here are considered treacherous and given the remoteness swimming is not advised.

The east coast on the other hand is much more what you would expect from a Caribbean island. The beaches here are palm-fringed with powdery white sand which is lapped by the gentler waters of the Caribbean. This is also where all of Aruba's resorts are along with the island's main town, Oranjestad.