Top 19 Cuba Beaches

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Cuba lies at the meeting point of three main bodies of water; the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. As such, it has a wide variety of stunning beaches along its 3,570 miles of pristine coastline, each with their own unique atmosphere to enjoy.

From the bustling beach resort town of Varadero to the spellbindingly beautiful coral reefs of Cayo Coco, to the old worldly feel of the capital, Havana, there truly is something for every kind of beach-lover on this historic island.

Cuba doesn't just offer world class beaches. The centre of the island is home to beautiful, green rolling hills, full of hiking and biking trails making Cuba an ideal destination for anyone looking for an active, outdoors-based holiday.
But if you're a pure sun worshipper who loves to sit back and relax on buttery soft, golden sands with a rum cocktail or two, Cuba is definitely for you too.

So whatever kind of beach loving traveller you are, there's definitely a patch of sand somewhere in Cuba with your name on it. Check out the top-rated options with our list of the best beaches in Cuba.