The Beach Guide

Top 24 Beaches in Sardinia

Situated roughly halfway between Europe and Africa, the island of Sardinia is part of Italy. However it also has a very separate sense of identity with a distinct heritage and even its own language. Over the centuries Sardinia has been home to a number of successive cultures, all of which have left their mark on the island.

Other things are different in Sardinia too, which brings us on to the beaches. Whilst the Italian mainland has its fair share of beautiful beaches these are often reserved for patrons of hotels and bars with the hoi-polloi forced to the far corners. With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline it really doesn't matter that a handful of the island's beaches may operate concessions. With so many stunning beaches to choose from this isn't an issue in Sardinia.

Sardinia's beaches are quite simply stunning, possibly the best in the Mediterranean, if not Europe. Think brilliant white sand contrasting with the vivid blues of crystalline waters and cloudless skies. There is variety here too; from secluded coves set amongst the dramatic scenery of the east coast to wide sandy bays along the Costa Verde on the more exposed west coast.

To the north of the island is the famed Costa Smeralda. This is were you will find some of the most stunning coves and bays on the island, and a price tag to match. This is the playground of the rich, famous and beautiful. Even if you don't have your own yacht this is perfect celebrity spotting territory.