Cala Goloritze

  • Cala Goloritze - Italy
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  • Cala Goloritze - Italy
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  • Cala Goloritze - Italy
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Perhaps one of Italy’s most iconic beaches, Cala Goloritz√® is beautifully positioned at the base of a ravine on the north eastern coast of Sardinia. As with other beaches in the vicinity, the water here is a brilliant azure blue and crystal clear whilst the beach is bleached white by the sun.

But it is the stunning limestone cliffside and rock formations that really sets Cala Goloritz√® apart. Most notable of these is Monte Caroddi or the Aguglia, meaning “needle” which describes this 150m (500ft) high pinnacle fairly well. In addition the cliffs form a huge rock arch at the southern end of the beach. It is little wonder that Cala Goloritz√® was listed by UNESCO in 1995.

To get to the beach is a bit of a mission and requires a lengthy trek or a boat trip (although you can’t disembark on the beach itself). However, it’s worth it.

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