Cala Goloritze

Perhaps one of Italy’s most iconic beaches, Cala Goloritzè is beautifully positioned at the base of a ravine on the north eastern coast of Sardinia. As with other beaches in the vicinity, the water here is a brilliant azure blue and crystal clear whilst the beach is bleached white by the sun.

But it is the stunning limestone cliffside and rock formations that really sets Cala Goloritzè apart. Most notable of these is Monte Caroddi or the Aguglia, meaning “needle” which describes this 150m (500ft) high pinnacle fairly well. In addition the cliffs form a huge rock arch at the southern end of the beach. It is little wonder that Cala Goloritzè was listed by UNESCO in 1995.

To get to the beach is a bit of a mission and requires a lengthy trek or a boat trip (although you can’t disembark on the beach itself). However, it’s worth it.

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