Top 21 Albania Beaches

Albania was pretty much the last bastion of communism in Eastern Europe and until very recently not even considered as a holiday destination. As such it is one of Europe's last frontiers of tourism with plenty of opportunity to discover unspoiled and relatively undeveloped beaches along its rugged Ionian coastline.

Sitting just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy and bordering Greece to the south Albania doesn't disappoint in terms of natural beauty and a rich history. It offers much of what other Mediterranean destinations do yet at a fraction of the price. Admittedly it can be a little rough around the edges but this is a small price to pay to enjoy such beauty without the crowds of mainstream tourism.

The stretch of coast along the southern part of the country is particularly worthy of interest to beach-lovers. The Albanian Riviera (or Bregu as it is known locally) is home to any number of beaches to rival those of the Greek islands. Crystal clear turquoise water and near white fine pebble beaches are the norm here. All backed by olive lined slopes and mountains beyond.

However, things are changing in Albania. Whilst there are still plenty of pockets of undeveloped coast, the Riviera has become something of an investment hotspot and a number of beaches have lost some of their pristine charm. That said it will be a very long time before every little idyllic coastal village and hidden bay have fallen prey to development.

The Best Albanian Beaches...

  • Gjipe Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Gjipe Beach
    © Ross Helen

    Gjipe beach is set along the same stretch of the Albanian coast as some of the other most popular, highly rated beaches on the Riviera. Located between the resort beaches of Drymades and Himara the beach at Gjipe has barely been touched by development.

    Obscured by the mountainous terrain, the beach here sits at the end of the Gjipe Canyon, an impressive natural feature with the rock… read more »

  • Grama Bay // Albanian Riviera

    Grama Bay
    © Silva.arapi / CC BY

    Situated on Albania's Ionian Sea coast Grama Bay is a small but beautiful cove almost surrounded by high, rocky cliffs. This semi-secret little beach is one of the real gems of the Albanian coast and as of yet completely untouched or spoiled by mass tourism. If you do make it here you won't be disappointed; the crystal clear azure water rivals anything Greece has to… read more »

  • Dhërmi Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Dhërmi Beach
    © Linda Saitos

    Dhërmi beach is often cited as the finest beach in Albania - hard to argue with this when this is where Albaninian prime ministers allegedly come to holiday! It isn't hard to see why. Set in a small bay, the village clings to the high sloping cliffs which rise up from the beach.

    The beach here is everything you would expect from the Ionian coast. The water… read more »

  • Shëngjin Beach

    Shëngjin Beach
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  • Ksamil Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Ksamil Beach

    You will often hear the beaches of Albania's Riviera coast compared to the Ionian islands of Greece, and for obvious reasons. Ksamil is located just across the border from Greece and within a stone's throw of the beach-lovers paradise of Corfu.

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  • Mango beach // Albanian Riviera

    Mango beach
    © master2

    A lovely convergence of sapphire sea and sun-kissed sparkling white sand, Mango Beach in Sarande is one of Albania's best-kept secrets. Sitting at the southern tip of Albania, bordering Greece, Mango Beach is a perfect slice of sweet Southern Mediterranean bliss.

    The Sarande area is known for its rich cultural past and is located near the ancient city of Butrint. This is a UNESCO… read more »

  • Drymades Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Drymades Beach
    © Yelena011

    Drymades Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera. It is a secluded slice of paradise featuring a natural rock formation that divides it in half. One side is full of white pebbles and the other is brushed with silky golden sand.

    Drymades Beach is located near the village of Dhermi on a small bay with incredible turquoise waters that are calm… read more »

  • Livadi Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Livadi Beach
    © AliceKeyStudio

    Albania is something of an underrated gem with many stunning locations along its coastline, with the crown in its jewel being Livadi Beach.

    This luxuriant getaway is famed throughout the Mediterranean for its idyllic coastline, deep blue watery depths, and olive trees as far as the eye can see. Size matters, and Livadi beach is one of the biggest beaches on Albania's Southeastern Mediterranean coast, stretching… read more »

  • Himarë Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Himarë Beach

    One of Albania's most picturesque and glamorous beaches, Himarë enjoys some of the country's best beach weather. All year round, the temperature is warm, the sun is shining, and the long stretches of soft white sand seemingly stretch on into eternity. There's a real sense of timeless beauty here with the sapphire sky, deep turquoise sea, and an unrivaled fun beach vibe.
    Pine groves… read more »

  • Bunec beach // Albanian Riviera

    Bunec beach

    Bunec Beach is a quiet, yet beautiful, spot near Saranda in Albania. With a backdrop of mountains  it offers an opportunity to get in touch with the natural beauty of Albania. 

    Littered with white pebbles, the water at Bunec is crystal clear and the beautiful shade of blue-green you only find in the Ionian Sea. The remote location means visitors will have no trouble finding a… read more »

  • Potami // Albanian Riviera

    © Yelena011

    Looking for a an Albanian beach with something for everyone? Potami Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the Himarë area, offering a unique blend of Greek and Albanian culture beneath clear blue skies overlooking sun-kissed sand.

    The name Potami translates as "river" from Greek and the water that runs through here is crisp, cold, and refreshing, springing up from exclusive underwater springs that flow… read more »

  • Vega Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Vega Beach
    Tomasz Lewicki

    Set on a short stretch of rocky coastline roughly 150 metres long by 15 metres wide, Vega Beach is a manmade creation close to the city of Vlorë. Access from its fine off-white gravel surface to the sea is via steps bypassing the rocks, which may make it a little tricky for some younger children. That said, a short pier creates a cove-like feel with… read more »

  • Borsh Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Borsh Beach
    © Joergsam / CC BY

    Situated on the southern end of Albania's Riviera coast is the impressively long stretch of Borsh beach. There are around 7 kilometres of fine white pebbles facing into the turquoise-blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

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  • Jalë Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Jalë Beach

    Call it Jale, Jali or Jala - whichever you choose - this certainly was one of the finest little beaches along the Riviera coast. The water here is crystal clear with a vivid azure hue. In fact it is said that this is some of the clearset water on the coast owing to the bay's currents which makes it perfect for a spot of snorkelling… read more »

  • Llamani Beach // Albanian Riviera

    Llamani Beach

    Looking for a an Albanian beach with something for everyone? Potami Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the Himarë area, offering a unique blend of Greek and Albanian culture beneath clear blue skies overlooking sun-kissed sand.

    The name Potami translates as "river" from Greek and the water that runs through here is crisp, cold, and refreshing, rising up from exclusive underwater springs that flow… read more »