Jalë Beach

  • Jalë Beach - Albania
  • Jalë Beach - Albania
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Call it Jale, Jali or Jala - whichever you choose - this certainly was one of the finest little beaches along the Riviera coast. The water here is crystal clear with a vivid azure hue. In fact it is said that this is some of the clearset water on the coast owing to the bay’s currents which makes it perfect for a spot of snorkelling or diving.

Beyond the bars and restaurants of the village are olive groves followed by mountains which form a stunning backdrop. It is no surprise that in the old days Jalë was a favourite summer destination of the communist top brass. Indeed the rather austere building located on the hilltop overlooking the beach was once a hotel for government officials and military officers.

Things have changed somewhat since those days, and Jala beach went through something of a heyday in the early 2000s when it was something of an undiscovered gem. However, it seems those days have come to an end and Jali is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. This has always been quite a lively resort but appears to be in danger of being over commercialised and become yet another down market, over-priced and over-crowded beach.

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