Gjipe Beach

  • Gjipe Beach - Albania
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  • Gjipe Beach - Albania
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  • Gjipe Beach - Albania
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Gjipe beach is set along the same stretch of the Albanian coast as some of the other most popular, highly rated beaches on the Riviera. Located between the resort beaches of Drymades and Himara the beach at Gjipe has barely been touched by development.

Obscured by the mountainous terrain, the beach here sits at the end of the Gjipe Canyon, an impressive natural feature with the rock formations reaching up to 70 metres high in some places. If you fancy it you can hike for a couple of kilometres up the canyon, but it is relatively hard going. To get to the beach is a bit of a hike and this helps keep the beach relatively quiet even in the depths of summer. 

Like with other beaches on the Albanian Riviera, Gjipe has warm crystal clear azure water with the beach itself consisting of fine white pebbles. Despite its seclusion and the 20 minute walk down to the beach there are a few basic facilities including sun loungers and parasols. There is also a small wagon selling snacks and drinks.

At present the Albanian Riviera is only just coming to the attention of the wider world and Gjipe beach is still off the tourist radar. However, given its natural beauty it seems unlikely it will stay this way forever…

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