Drymades Beach

Drymades Beach - Albania
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Drymades Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera. It is a secluded slice of paradise featuring a natural rock formation that divides it in half. One side is full of white pebbles and the other is brushed with silky golden sand.

Drymades Beach is located near the village of Dhermi on a small bay with incredible turquoise waters that are calm and still. It is the perfect place to get away for a quiet vacation to relax and enjoy some natural scenery. Even during the summer months, it rarely gets too busy. 

This beach is known for its fiery sunsets and looks out over tranquil blue waters that seem to go on forever. Behind is a rugged backdrop of mountains rising away from the shore. 

People who are traveling with family or with a special friend will have a magical time relaxing in this laid back, secluded spot. And if the fancy takes you, there are plenty of activities available nearby to keep you entertained. 

There are a few resorts just a stone’s throw away from this beach, and the bustling beach at Dhermi is nearby. Quiet during the off-season this coast is home to miles of sandy, white beaches and many coves and bays. Visitors will enjoy the variety of restaurants during the summer months and the lively town.

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