Top 10 beaches in Iceland

The Nordic nation of Iceland, is well known for its otherworldly volcanic landscapes dotted with volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, hot springs. Milenia of coastal winds and glacial action have only served to carve even more spectacular scenery into the terrain of this North Atlantic island.

Sitting on the edge of the Arctic Circle one doesn't normally associate Iceland with beaches. Admittedly you probably won't be topping up your tan or splashing in the surf to cool down on any of Iceland's beaches, but that's not why you would be visiting. Like everything about Iceland's landscape the beaches here are all about exploring the incredible scenery.

Black sand, stunning rock formations and dramatic mountain backdrops are what you will find at many of Iceland's best beaches. Crowds and shops selling tourist tat, you won't. And whilst the sunshine isn't guaranteed come here at the right time of year and you may catch the midnight sun or even the Northern Lights.