The Beach Guide

Top 15 Montenegro Beaches


The small, but beautifully formed Balkan state of Montenegro has been largely overlooked as a holiday destination. That is not say it hasn't been attracting well-heeled visitors for some time now. Wealthy Eastern Europeans and the yachting fraternity have been quietly enjoying Montenegro's charms since it became an independent country in 2006.

It seems only a matter of time before Montenegro becomes more mainstream given its immense natural charms. The country is known for its spectacular and rugged mountains that sweep down to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. This makes for a stunning backdrop to Montenegro's beaches which come in a range of shapes and sizes. From fjord-side beaches in the north to long sandy beaches in the south all share a theme of outstanding natural beauty.

Beyond the beaches this is a country with a rich history, and mediaeval towns and villages abound along with a sprinkling of ancient sites. The culture is unique too with a mix of Eastern European and a dash of Italian, the latter being less than a 100 km hop across the Adriatic.

Now is probably the time to visit Montenegro, before it creeps onto the wider tourist radar like neighbouring Croatia, and now Albania are. Take advantage of the friendly welcome you will receive and the chance of discovering such an unspoilt slice of Adriatic coastline.