The Beach Guide

Top 7 Beaches in Montenegro

  • Jaz Beach

    Jaz Beach

    Jaz beach is one of many fine beaches on Montenegro's Budva Riviera. Within easy walking distance of the historic town of Budva itself the beach at Jaz has a bit of something for everyone.

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  • Sveti Stefan

    Sveti Stefan

    The islet of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) lies just a few kilometres along Montenegro's Adriatic coast from Budva. With such a stunning backdrop the beaches here wouldn't have to be up to that much to still get the thumbs up. However, with crystal clear turquoise waters, pink sand and backdrop… read more »

  • Mogren Beach

    Mogren Beach

    Making up a particularly pleasant stretch of the Budva Riviera are the twin beaches of Mogren. Stretching for around 400 metres the beaches of Mogren 1 and Mogren 2 are connected by a cave-like tunnel through a small headland. It is worth walking the extra bit to the second beach.

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  • Drobni Pijesak Beach

    Drobni Pijesak Beach
    ©anjči / CC BY
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  • Petrovac Beach

    Petrovac Beach
    ©Mazbln / CC BY
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  • Ada Bojana Beach

    Ada Bojana Beach

    Situated in the far south of Montenegro at the mouth of the River Bojana is the island beach of Ada Bojana. Legend says the island began life in the 14th century when a ship becam stranded here. Over the years the sandy sediment of the river gathered around the wreck… read more »

  • Sutomore Beach

    Sutomore Beach
    ©Vicuna R / CC BY
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