Queen's beach (Kralijčina Praža)

Queen's beach - Montenegro
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Known by its English moniker as much as any other, Queen’s Beach (or Kralijčina Praža to give it its true name) takes its title from the fact the penultimate Queen Consort of Yugoslavia, Marija, had a summer palace here.

Surrounded by thick forest and well-maintained parkland, the white sand and drinking-water clear waters of Queen’s Beach are shaded for much of the day by cypress and olive trees. Sheltered by light-coloured rocks, the bay is calm enough for swimming without undue concern, particularly given the summer months see water temperatures as high as 26°C in the Adriatic here.

Queen’s Beach offers a good array of facilities, including changing rooms, showers, and toilets. However, the beach is only accessible by boat, and is a semi-private affair, offering free access to the guests of the Kralijčina Praža Hotel. Day visitors will be expected to pay somewhere in the region of €70 per person, which at least gives you a sun lounger and umbrella.

The semi-private status of Queen’s Beach does mean it’s much quieter than other beaches in the area, so if you’re looking for seclusion and tranquillity, this could be the beach for you!

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Aug 30th 2022

Lousy food, lousy service,  no english speakers in hospitality. 4.50 aud for a small can of coke and cold food ment to be served hot,