Sveti Stefan Beach

  • Sveti Stefan Beach - Montenegro
  • Sveti Stefan Beach - Montenegro
    © DinoMNE / CC BY Pinterest
  • Sveti Stefan Beach - Montenegro
    © Marcin Konsek / CC BY Pinterest

The islet of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) lies just a few kilometres along Montenegro’s Adriatic coast from Budva. With such a stunning backdrop the beaches here wouldn’t have to be up to that much to still get the thumbs up. However, with crystal clear turquoise waters, pink sand and backdrop of pine forest and mountains make Sveti Stefan a magical beach to spend a day on the beach.

Back in the 15th century the little island was a fortified to defend from the threat of the Turks and pirates. It gradually became a charming little fishing village with around 50 cottages and three churches. These days you won’t find any fishermen living here; they were all cleared out in the 1950s and the islet has been a luxury resort for the international elite pretty much ever since.

Here’s the bad news.The islet of Sveti Stefan and the better beaches nearby are all privately owned and part of the very upmarket Aman Sveti Stefan resort. That doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy these beaches along with the rich and famous, but it does mean this will cost you at least ?30 for the pleasure. Head towards the Villa Milo?er beach and the prices become eye-watering.

But do not despair. Whilst you will pay handsomely for the beach to the right of the causeway leading across to the island, things are cheaper on the beach to the left - and they get cheaper still as you head further away. In fact walk far enough and it’s free! On the downside this part of the beach is somewhat more pebbly (but still pink) and not quite so pristine, but the view is still pretty good.

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