Milocer Beach (King's Beach)

So fine a location that the great and the good will pay up to €3,000 a night to be accommodated in the Villa Milocer that overlooks the beach, Milocer also goes by the name of King’s Beach. The reason is that the villa and surrounding 18 hectares of manicured parkland were once the summer residence of none other than the assassinated King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

The cypresses, cedars, olives, pines and rarer botanical specimens such as mimosa and cacti remain from his era in the early decades of the twentieth century, creating an ambience unique to Montenegro’s coastline.

A place for tranquillity among the modern-day jet set, entrance onto the beach is technically free, although you are expected to rent a sun lounger and parasol at around €75 per day. What’s more, Milocer Beach isn’t great for sand castles, given the widespread covering of rounded pebbles along its 300-metre length.

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King's Beach


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