Top 19 Malta Beaches

The little archipelago of Malta sits in the Mediterranean Sea, between the southern coast of Sicily and the north coast of Africa. As you can imagine this location gives it a fascinating and ancient history with a mix of cultural influences. Distinctly southern European, Malta does also still retain a hint of the Middle East.

For the majority of visitors to Malta the main draw is the ample and varied coast. Predominantly rocky with jutting limestone cliffs there are plenty of sheltered bays and coves which are home to a plethora of beautiful beaches. Combined with year round great weather this makes Malta a paradise for beachgoers.

There's plenty here too for visitors who want a little more than simply lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Good diving and snorkelling can be had around the coast with a number of wrecks and underwater caves to explore. Some of the west coast beaches even have surf during the winter. And if you tire of the coast then a hike inland can be rewarding both in terms of scenery and intruiging historical sites.

Although Malta is firmly on the tourist map it is still possible to escape the crowds and take a trip back in time. The island of Gozo is home to some beautiful beaches along with plenty of spots that feel like little has changed over the last hundred years.

The Best Maltese Beaches...