Best 17 Sweden Beaches

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Sweden, land of Volvo, Ikea and, erm, beaches. Yes, Sweden has beaches and they are actually pretty good. Perhaps this shouldn't be a complete surprise as Sweden does have a long convoluted coastline bordering the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. There are also the islands of Gotland and Öland, both of which are home to the some of the very best beaches.

Many of Sweden's best beaches are characterised by long stretches of white sand, shallow clear blue water and low dunes giving way to pine forest. All of this sounds idyllic, but after all Sweden is a Nordic nation, so isn't it pretty cold? Well, yes in the winter the sea actually freezes in the north. However, in the south the temperature can remain above freezing. What's more the sea temperature can reach a balmy 21°C in the summer, which is more than warm enough for a dip.

So, whilst Sweden may not be the obvious destination for a beach holiday, you will find any number of beautiful unspoilt sandy beaches along with some buzzing city beaches.

  • 1. Ribersborg Beach // Skåne

    Ribersborg Beach
    Maria Eklind
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    In contrast to Skåne's generally rural beaches, Ribersborg in Malmö is very much the city beach. Situated only three kilometres from the city center it is easy for residents to reach, and in the summer months they flock here.

    The beach at Ribersborg very much has the feel of a park - which is no coincidence as this is how Ribersborgsstranden started out. During the 19th century the waterfront was developed… read more »

  • 2. Böda // Gotaland

    Olaf Meister

    Böda beach is located on the east coast of the island of Öland. The island is only a few kilometres off the coast of mainland Sweden, but Boda sits towards the very northern tip making it quite remote. However, with nearly 20 km of unbroken white sand forming a huge arching bay it is well worth the trip.

    This vast expanse of beach is very much unspoilt with the blue of… read more »

  • 3. Ågesta Nudist Beach // Stockholm

    Ågesta Nudist Beach
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Sweden is well-known for its relaxed attitude to nudity, but this doesn't mean you can just get naked anywhere you please. But if you are looking for somewhere to go clothes-free Sweden has around 70 naturist beaches, including the wonderful Ågesta beach just outside of Stockholm.

    Ågesta nude beach is an officially designated beach and is maintained by the Eos Naturist Association (Naturistföreningen EOS). This means that not only… read more »

  • 4. Varamon // Svealand

    Great for:
    • Swimming
    • Kitesurfing

    Running for nearly 3km along Lake Vättern at Motala, the sandy Varamon Beach (Varamobaden) is apparently the longest lakeside beach in Sweden. However, what it makes up for in length , it does lack a little in width - but a raised promenade and some areas of lawn partly make up for this.

    Being located next to the town there are no shortage of facilities and a selection of cafes and… read more »

  • 5. Sandhammaren // Skåne


    The expansive, white sands of Sandhammaren beach are rated among the best in Skåne, if not Sweden. Sitting in at the very southerly tip of Sweden the beach here is unsurprisingly wild. Shaped by the wind coming off the Baltic Sea the backdrop here is an expanse of low sand dunes, and very little sign of human activity. In fact the area of pine forests behind the beach is home… read more »

  • 6. Tofta strand // Gotaland

    Tofta strand
    Berit Watkin

    The Baltic island of Gotland lies approximately halfway between Sweden and Latvia (around 100km / 60 miles from either). As well as being Sweden's largest island it is also home to many of the Scandinavian country's finest beaches. Possibly at the top of this list is the 2km (1.5 mile) long sandy Tofta beach.

    Stretching from Tofta in the south to Gnisvärds fishing village in the north this is the… read more »

  • 7. Haväng // Skåne

    Gunilla G

    Havang beach is situated on the east coast of Skåne, and is part of what is a seemingly endless stretch of fine golden sand to the north of the town of Kivik. Widely regarded as the best beach in Österlen this is a beautiful and wild spot.

    Beyond the beach is a wonderful rural landscape of meadows and woodlands beyond which rise low hills. This rolling countryside is popular walking country… read more »

  • 8. Lomma // Skåne

    Maria Eklind
    Great for:
    • Swimming
    • Kitesurfing

    The small town of Lomma is located about 20 minutes north of Malmö. Here you will find a large harbour and marina right next to which is a fine, sandy beach.

    Lomma beach stretches for a few hundred metres along the coast. It is comprised of lovely fine white sand which drifts into low, grassy dunes behind. The sea here is often a bright blue and the contrast with the sand… read more »

  • 9. Knäbäckshusens Strand // Skåne

    Knäbäckshusens Strand
    Susanne Nilsson

    Stretching for nearly four kilometres along southern Sweden's Baltic Sea coast is the beach of Knäbäckshusens Strand. Also known as Rörums Strand, the beach here is made up of a wonderfully fine, pale golden sand backed by dense pine forest. This gives the beach a beautiful, pristine and wild feel which is only further enhance by how quiet it is. Knäbäckshusens Strand si definitely one of the finest beaches in… read more »

  • 10. Sudersand // Fårö


    Sudersand beach is located on the little island of Fårö which sits off the end of Gotaland in the Baltic Sea, halfway between Sweden and the Balkans. The beach here is a long crescent of near white sand which stretches across a wide bay.

    Beyond the beach are low grassy dunes which quickly give way to pine forest. Sudersand manages to maintain a feel of being a wonderfully natural beach but… read more »

  • 11. Skrea Strand // Halland

    Skrea Strand
    Marcus Tobjörk
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Skrea Strand is a particularly pleasant sandy stretch of beach just across the river from the large town of Falkenberg. It has grown in popularity since the early 1900s becoming something of an established resort by the 1930s.

    The long (over 1km) beach is made up of fine, near white sand, that has been blown into low dunes at the back of the beach by the winter winds. Tucked away among… read more »

  • 12. Långholmsbadet // Stockholm

    Great for:
    • Swimming

    For a city in Scandinavia that isn't even on the coast Stockholm has some surprisingly good beaches within a stone's throw of the city centre. Chief among these is Långholmsbadet, a modest strip of sand backed by the lawns and parkland of Långholmen island.

    The beach is just a short walk from the trendy district of Hornstull with its hipster bars and cafes. In fact it is pretty easy to get… read more »

  • 13. Smedsuddsbadet // Stockholm

    Jane Mejdahl
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    The popular lakeside swimming beach of Smedsuddsbadet is located within easy reach of downtown Stocholm, Sweden's capital city. The beach has a sandy foreshore and is backed by the well-kept lawns of Ralambshov Park, ideal for picnicing and sunbathing.

    During the summer it gets pretty busy here - it's only a small beach and serves a major city. It is also easy to get to, being only 10 minutes walk from… read more »

  • 14. Tropical Beach // Gotaland

    Tropical Beach
    Guillaume Baviere
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    The Swedish city of Helsingborg is well known for its medieval old town and ferry links to Denmark. Being in the southern part of Sweden the winters here are surprisingly mild; not exactly balmy, but not freezing wither. That said, this is hardly the place you would expect to find a tropical beach, bit that is exactly what you will find!

    Complete with palm trees, white sand and clear blue waters… read more »

  • 15. Tylösand // Halland

    Kaj Schmidt
    read more »