Varamon Beach (Varamobaden)

Running for nearly 3km along Lake Vättern at Motala, the sandy Varamon Beach (Varamobaden) is apparently the longest lakeside beach in Sweden. However, what it makes up for in length , it does lack a little in width - but a raised promenade and some areas of lawn partly make up for this.

Being located next to the town there are no shortage of facilities and a selection of cafes and restaurants. The water here is clean and shallow which makes it a great spot for families. The fact that it is a lacke makes it extra safe and is ideal for activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding and often windsurfing.
There’s also plenty of things to do on the beach such as volleyball and football, plus playgrounds, mini golf and tennis all available behind the beach.

This is a popular spot for holidaying and the area is home to a number of camp sites, guest houses and hotels. On the down side this means it can get quite busy in the summer, but the beach is long enough that it can soak up crowd.

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  • Kite surfing
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