Ribersborg Beach (Ribersborgsstranden)

In contrast to Skåne’s generally rural beaches, Ribersborg in Malmö is very much the city beach. Situated only three kilometres from the city center it is easy for residents to reach, and in the summer months they flock here.

The beach at Ribersborg very much has the feel of a park - which is no coincidence as this is how Ribersborgsstranden started out. During the 19th century the waterfront was developed as a recreational area with wide lawns perfect for picnicking and paths for walking. Over the following years a number of bathing piers were constructed to allow swimmers to easily enter the water, even at low tide.

In total 10 piers were built, but the most notable is the northern pier with its impressive bathouse built in 1898. Completely renovated in 2009 the bathouse sits at the end of the pier and is home to a cafe, restuarant and suana. It also provides a number of various-sized, enclosed pools which offer safe bathing whatever the conditions.

Ribersborg is actually an artificial beach with the sand being imported in the mid-1920s. But this is in keeping with the backdrop which is fairly urban, and a little industrial to the south.

During the summer holidays Ribersborgsstranden is always busy. It is a great family beach with plenty going on and lots of activities on offer. Summer programs feature regular events such as circus-style shows and activities like floating obstacle courses. There are plenty of kiosks offering snacks plus lots of space on the lawns behind for picnics and barbecues.

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