Tropical Beach (Parapeten)

The Swedish city of Helsingborg is well known for its medieval old town and ferry links to Denmark. Being in the southern part of Sweden the winters here are surprisingly mild; not exactly balmy, but not freezing wither. That said, this is hardly the place you would expect to find a tropical beach, bit that is exactly what you will find!

Complete with palm trees, white sand and clear blue waters Helsingborg’s Tropical Beach certainly ticks all the boxes. OK, before you get too excited, the temperatures may somewhat disappoint, as will the fact that the palm trees spend half of the year in greenhouses. But all the same this is the most popular beach in the area, and locals and visitors love it.

The beach came into existence in the late 1800s when the harbour was built causing an area of sand to build up against the outside of the pier. Originally known as Parapeten, after the harbour, the beach only took on its current persona back in 1999. As part of a housing fair held nearby one of the organisers had the brainwave of popping a few palm trees and sun loungers on the little stretch of sand and calling it the “Tropical Beach”, the rest is history…

Today this is beach is very much a part of Helsingborg’s identity and features wooden walkways, a small restaurant and ice-cream kiosk. A popular spot with families there is also a children’s playground and the shallow waters here are generally safe for swimming.

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