St Peter’s Pool Beach

Officially located within Marsaxlokk but a short drive away from the main harbour, St Peter’s Pool is a small natural pool cut from the layered limestone rock that makes up the entire island. Open to the Mediterranean, it’s best avoided on stormy days, which still leaves almost the entire summer season, extending from June until September.

The turquoise and aqua coloured waters are often clear enough to see the bottom of St Peter’s Pool, with entry into the water either by jumping in or making use of the metal ladders attached to the rock. There are no significant hand holds once in the water except the rock itself, which can be sharp. Children will need to be monitored at all times.

Between swims visitors can relax on the flat rocks that edge the pool and enjoy the sun, although you will need to bring all you’ll want for you stay since there are no facilities. Paid parking is located a few hundred metres away at the top of a set of rail-free concrete steps leading across the natural amphitheatre of steep-sided slopes behind.

Although small, St Peter’s Pool is rarely overcrowded because of its remote location. Since parking is limited and the roads narrow, it’s recommended to head to this area of Maltese coastline early on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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