Ada Bojana Beach (Ada Buna)

Situated in the far south of Montenegro at the mouth of the River Bojana is the island beach of Ada Bojana. Legend says the island began life in the 14th century when a ship becam stranded here. Over the years the sandy sediment of the river gathered around the wreck eventuall creating the triangular island we see today. Sadly this is more than likely just a romantic tale and the island is probably just a natural occurrunce.

However Ada Bojana came to be, the resulting beautiful 3 kilometer stretch of fine sand is rated as one of the finest in Montenegro. A popular tourist destination there are a number of highly-reated wooden seafood restaurants along the shore, although these do not detract from the largely undeveloped feel of the place.

Ada Bojana is home to a large naturist holiday resort. Established in the early 1970s the colony occupies part of the southwest island with a number of eco-friendly lodges.

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Also known as:

Ada Buna

Nudist/naturist beach


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