8 Brazil Best Nudist Beaches

Whilst Brazil is well known for its plethora of stunning beaches the along its ample coastline the naturist scene is a little more subdued than you might expect. There are a handful of official nude beaches dotted along the coast from Paraíba in the north down to Santa Catarina in the south.

In addition a number of unofficial naturist beaches exist. However, it is worth noting that it is still technically illegal to go clothes-free in public in Brazil. Even going topless is frowned upon in many areas.

So, if you are looking for a nudist beach in Brazil we would recommend sticking to the well known, official naturist beaches listed below, at least to start with.

The Best Brazilian naturist beaches...

  • Praia da Galheta // Santa Catarina

    Praia da Galheta
    © Papa Pic

    The arched white sands of Praia da Galheta can be found roughly 20 kilometres from the centre of Florianopolis on Santa Catarina island. Hidden from the road by a ridge of steep hills covered in foliage and wild orchids, its fine sands are accessed via a short trail that leads from the northern end of Praia Mole.

    One of the areas more natural beaches, without… read more »

  • Olho de Boi // Rio de Janeiro

    Olho de Boi
    Rodrigo Soldon

    Positioned on the western side of a tiny cove shaped like a "V", Olho de Boi is an official nudist beach on a promontory of land outside of the resort town of Armação dos Búzois. It is accessible only by water taxi or on foot via a jungle path of around 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) in length. The name of the beach translates literally… read more »

  • Praia do Pinho // Santa Catarina

    Praia do Pinho
    Otávio Nogueira

    The pristine golden sand shoreline of Praia do Pinho is located in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina; a region known for its beautiful and unspoilt coastline. This beach is certainly a place of natural beauty with its clear blue waters and backdrop of verdant hillsides.

    With all the other great beaches along this stretch of coast there is one thing in particular that makes… read more »

  • Massarandupió // Bahia

    © Arsenio Correia Coelho

    Massarandupió Beach comprises one of the most famous naturist beaches in Bahia state, although there are also areas where clothing is permitted. Located in Entre Rios municipality, its relatively narrow band of golden sand on the Atlantic Ocean is bolstered by a length of around two kilometres (1.5 miles).

    The absence of nearby buildings means the beach is not overlooked, but instead has attractive inland… read more »

  • Tambaba // Paiariba

    Otávio Nogueira

    One of a number of official nudist beaches in Brazil, Tambaba nonetheless has parts of its length where clothing is required as well as the main family area where beachgoers must go nude. It is located approximately 20 kilometres south of the port city of João Pessoa, and stretches for around one kilometre.

    Its golden sands are loved by children looking to play on them… read more »

  • Praia de Abricó // Rio de Janeiro

    Praia de Abricó
    Filipo Tardim

    Praia de Abricó is a nudist beach in the western Grumari neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, and is the city's only beach to allow naturists. Facing small islands just offshore, the beach has a broad expanse of light-coloured sands frequently used by families resident in the area. It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as a result.

    Its sands are edged by large boulders which… read more »

  • Praia Brava (Cabo Frio) // Rio de Janeiro

    Praia Brava (Cabo Frio)
    Rodrigo Soldon

    South facing Praia Brava is relatively isolated from other beaches on the Cabo Frio peninsula. A small length of sand just a couple of hundred metres in length, it is backed by sloping hills providing a secluded feel.

    This is one of the reasons Praia Brava has become popular with nudist bathers. To please all visitors, the beach is divided into two halves – one where… read more »

  • Praia Brava (Trindade) // Rio de Janeiro

    Praia Brava (Trindade)
    Tomás R M de Paula

    Trinidade's Praia Brava developed such a name for itself in the 1970s that big business tried to snap it up and turn it into a luxury resort. Thankfully the men in suits were unsuccessful, leaving this stunning stretch of the Costa Verde (Green Coast) free for everyone to enjoy.

    Straddling the state border between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo states, Trinidade is a small fishing… read more »