Best Beaches in & Around Florianópolis

Florianópolis is the state capital of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. It is also a island. From this description I'm sure, like myself, you might have imagined an island crammed full of high rise apartments and beaches resembling Ipanema or Copacabana in Rio. In reality this couldn't be further from the truth.

Whilst the city may be home to around half a million people Florianópolis is quite a large island and is home to a staggering total of 42 beaches. The city itself only occupies a small part of the island with large swathes given up to pristine tropical landscape of hills and forest. The result is an array of not only varied, but beautiful beaches offering something for everyone.

  • Lagoinha do Leste

    Lagoinha do Leste

    Travel time from Florianópolis: approx 0.5 hrs

    Set towards the southern tip of the island of Florianópolis, the Praia de Lagoinha do Leste is not what you might imagine of a beach in the close vicinity of a city of half a million. In fact what you will find is a pristine beach that feels virtually untouched by humanity.

    Lagoinha do Leste is a truly wild and beautiful spot. Surrounded by heavily forested mountainous terrain and bookmarked by… read more »

  • Praia Mole

    Praia Mole
    © Papa Pic

    Travel time from Florianópolis: approx 0.5 hrs

    Praia Mole, or Mole Beach, is situated in Santa Catarina state, on a thin strip of land separated from the city of Florianopolis by the Lagoa de Conceição. Just short of a kilometre in length, the beach shifts in width between 10 and 100 metres.

    Long, peeling waves attract the region's surfers, who are able to enjoy both left and right hand breaks which can handle a pretty chunky swell. Praia… read more »

  • Praia da Galheta

    Praia da Galheta
    © Papa Pic

    Travel time from Florianópolis: approx 0.5 hrs

    The arched white sands of Praia da Galheta can be found roughly 20 kilometres from the centre of Florianopolis on Santa Catarina island. Hidden from the road by a ridge of steep hills covered in foliage and wild orchids, its fine sands are accessed via a short trail that leads from the northern end of Praia Mole.

    One of the areas more natural beaches, without restaurants or other facilities, Praia… read more »

  • Praia Ilha do Campeche

    Praia Ilha do Campeche
    Rodrigo Soldon

    Travel time from Florianópolis: approx 0.5 hrs

    Praia Ilha do Campeche, or Campeche Island Beach, can be found in Brazil's Santa Catarina state. In an area of the country known unofficially as the "Caribbean of Brazil", it lies on the western side of a small island east of Santa Catarina Island, and is reached by boat from Campeche Beach – which it is not to be confused with.

    Comprising idyllic white sands and warm turquoise waters, Praia Ilha… read more »

  • Praia do Pinho

    Praia do Pinho
    Otávio Nogueira

    Travel time from Florianópolis: approx 1 hr

    The pristine golden sand shoreline of Praia do Pinho is located in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina; a region known for its beautiful and unspoilt coastline. This beach is certainly a place of natural beauty with its clear blue waters and backdrop of verdant hillsides.

    With all the other great beaches along this stretch of coast there is one thing in particular that makes Praia do Pinho stand out… read more »