Top 10 beaches in Brazil

  • Baia do Sancho // Fernando de Noronha

    Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noranha Erick Urrego

    The volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha off the north eastern coast of Brazil is home to many fantastic beaches. However, it is Baia do Sancho that takes the crown of, not only the finest beach on the island, but possibly the best beach in Brazil. That's pretty good going considering there are well over 2,000 other great beaches in Brazil... read more »

  • Ipanema Beach // Rio

    Ipanema Beach by night Ekaterina Belova

    The mere mention of the name Ipanema Beach conjures thoughts of a perfect tropical setting, beautiful bronzed bodies, acres of powder-white sand and the alluring ocean blue. You won't be disappointed, except for the setting, because Rio’s southern latitude - just north of the Tropic of Capricorn - means it is merely sub-tropical. However, that... read more »

  • Morro de São Paulo // Bahia

    Morro de São Paulo beach, Brazil Eric Schroeder

    On arriving at this idyllic island destination just south of the city of Salvador, first time visitors may well think that little can have changed since the mid-1530s. This is when colonial explorers first landed on the virgin beaches of Tinharé Island in Bahia and realised the enormous strategic importance it held for the region.

    Situated on... read more »