Praia do Espelho

Praia do Espelho is on the south coast of Bahia, between trendy Trancoso and laid back Caraíva. It is often cited as yet another contender to title of Brazil’s most beautiful beach. But with difficult access not too many visitors make it to this isolated and exclusive spot.

Espelho is the Portuguese word for “mirror” and the beach gets this name because when the tide is low and the weather clear and sunny, there is a mirror-like effect, with the sunlight reflected off the water. If you miss out on this phenomenon it’s no big deal, it is just another beautiful beach and that’s good enough for us!

The beach itself is long, carrying on indefinitely southwards. It has a definite tropical feel to it with a healthy fringing of palm trees along the base of the cliffs that line this beach. Despite its remoteness there are a few kiosks along the beach where you can buy snacks and drinks, but be warned, they are pricey reflecting the beach’s exclusivity.

Getting to Praia do Espelho is something of a mission and while there is a bus running between Trancoso and Caraíva this involves a considerable hike. Driving is the best option.

Nearest town/city

Porto Seguro


  • Diving & snorkelling


  • Cafe/restaurant

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