Top 25+ Canary Islands Beaches

The Canary Islands are technically part of Spain, although geographically they are much closer to North Africa. Made up of seven islands, the Canaries benefit from great weather all year round and are a particularly popular winter destination for Northern Europeans.

Whilst all the Canary Islands are volcanic in origin they are each surprisingly different and together contain a massive variety of environments. From the arid "lunar landscapes" of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote to the lush, verdant hillsides of Tenerife there are four national parks across the islands. So unique and exceptional are these reserves that tow are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a World Biosphere Reserves.

A little known fact about the archipelago is it is home to Spain's highest mountain, Mount Teide (Tenerife), which is snow capped year round. Something of a contrast to the banana plantations a few miles away! It is the mountainous terrain of the more westerly islands that allows rain to form and create lush landscapes. This is not the case on Fuertaventura and Lanzarote which, with the exception of a few isolated patches of green, are virtually barren.

Much of this will come as a surprise to those who thought of the Canaries as just a cheap package holiday destination. The resorts are still as popular and the nightlife as vibrant as ever, but tourism on the islands has expanded to suit a much wider range of traveller. However, there is one common theme that draws visitors to the Canary Islands and that is the fantastic beaches. These too are as varied as the landscapes throughout the islands and there really is a beach to suit everyone.