Top Canary Islands Beaches

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  • 46. Playa de La Cantería // Lanzarote

    Playa de La Cantería

    Facing north, Playa de la Cantería is Lanzarote's most northerly beach and has something of an edge of the world feel to it. Located close to the village of Órzola, it is a beach made of pale yellow sand, although at high tide it can look black because of a ribbon of loose volcanic rocks further back.

    Surrounded by a typical Lanzarote landscape of steep, bare cliffs, it is around 300… read more »

  • 47. Playa de los Charcos // Lanzarote

    Playa de los Charcos
    Frank Vincentz

    A short drive north of Arrecife, Playa de los Charcos is jujst one of a string of semi-circular bays on this part of the Lanzarote coastline together known as the Costa Teguise. Protected in part by artificial sea walls, it is close to several accommodation options and a good choice of bars and restaurants.

    At low tide swapping the sand for the water requires crossing some rocks, but that shouldn't stop… read more »

  • 48. Playa de Alojera // Gomera

    Playa de Alojera

    If it's peace and quiet you're after, then this place hits the nail on the head.

    This unique, cosy beach is nestled along La Gomera's north west coastline, just a five-minute drive away from the tiny town of Alojera.

    The beach is only around 200 metres long, and it's made up of fine, black volcanic sand, which blends in perfectly with the rugged volcanic cliffs that stand tall behind it, and the… read more »

  • 49. Playa Santa Catalina // Gomera

    Playa Santa Catalina

    This rocky black beach has bagged itself a scenic stretch of La Gomera's north east coastline. 

    On a practical scale, this spot's at the lower end, with no facilities to speak of, and no bars or restaurants nearby. However, it's the views that people come here for - the black gravel that makes up the beach will look pretty special on your Insta feed, and the rugged mountains that stand watch… read more »

  • 50. Playa de La Puntilla // Gomera

    Playa de La Puntilla

    This predominantly sandy spot on La Gomera's west coast is one of the island's better connected stretches of beach.

    Right next to the beach here, you'll find a hotel, plenty of places to park, and a decent sprinkling of restaurants. It's also just a 10-minute stroll to one of La Gomera's busier towns - Valle Gran Rey.

    As for the beach itself, as with most La Gomera beaches, there are no facilities… read more »

  • 51. Playa del Inglés // Gomera

    Playa del Inglés
    © Jörg Bergmann

    This volcanic, black sand beach is nestled along La Gomera's western coastline, just a couple of miles north of Valle Gran Rey.

    Like most of the island's beaches, there's a shortage of facilities and amenities on the sands, which helps to keep them unspoilt. Like you'd expect though, the scenery is stunning and the sand is scattered with volcanic rocks.

    As for the waters, they're very calm and clear, and although there… read more »

  • 52. Playa de Vueltas // Gomera

    Playa de Vueltas
    Falco Ermert

    This soft sand beach is tucked into a picturesque corner of La Gomera's south west coastline. 

    As with most of the island's beaches, the sands here are volcanic black, but unlike many of the others, this one's sheltered by a breakwater, so the waves rarely get too choppy. As a result, this spot's a popular choice with families, although that's partly thanks to the nearby facilities too - Valle Gran Rey's… read more »

  • 53. Playa de las Cucharas // Lanzarote

    Playa de las Cucharas
    © Lapping

    If you're after a lively swathe of shoreline with something for everyone, then Playa de las Cucharas will tick all of the boxes.

    This 650-metre stretch of golden sandy beach is the largest and busiest in Costa Teguise, on Lanzarote's east coast. 

    The beach is effectively split into three smaller beaches, with vast differences between the two opposite ends. The northern end of the beach is a family favourite, where a breakwater… read more »

  • 54. Playa los Cancajos // La Palma

    Playa los Cancajos
    Frank Vincentz

    Within two kilometres of both Santa Cruz de La Parma and the international airport on the east coast of the island, Paya los Cancajos has black volcanic sands and calm warm waters thanks to protection from manmade breakwaters.

    Surrounded by a good selection of bars and cafés, the beach is popular with both locals and visitors to La Palma, generating an authentic life's a beach vibe. A good choice for families,… read more »

  • 55. Playa San Sebastián // Gomera

    Playa San Sebastián
    Rico van Manen

    One of La Gomera's busier beaches, this stretch of sand sits just outside the town of San Sebastian, which doubles up as the island's capital. 

    As with all of the beaches here, the sands are volcanic black and the waters are crystal clear. However, unlike many of the other beaches you'll find around the island, this one's pretty strong on the facilities front. There are toilets right by the beach, a… read more »

  • 56. Charco del Conde // Gomera

    Charco del Conde
    Falco Ermert

    Nestled into a quiet spot on La Gomera's west coast, Charco del Conde is a particularly popular beach with families.

    As with nearly all of the island's beaches, it's characterised by an imposing mountainous backdrop and volcanic black sands. There are lots of rocks as you approach the water too, so it's a good idea to invest in a pair of water shoes, or take extra care at the very least… read more »

  • 57. Playa de las Gaviotas // Tenerife

    Playa de las Gaviotas
    Beneharo Hdez.

    Located among the bare cliff faces of Tenerife's north, Playa de las Gaviotas is a nudist friendly beach with charcoal grey sand on a small curve of coastline. Although just a short distance from Playa de la Teresitas, Gaviotas is altogether a much more relaxed affair.

    Almost disappearing entirely with the waves of high tide, the beach is backed by a sloped retaining wall, which provides places to sit and… read more »

  • 58. Playa Roque Bermejo // Tenerife

    Playa Roque Bermejo

    A small beach on the northeast coast of Tenerife, Playa Roque Bermejo has no direct access by road. However, its black sands and secluded feel still attract a number of beachgoers. The hills that surround Playa Roque Bermejo are also the location of several whitewashed properties.

    Accessible on foot if you have some previous walking experience, an artificial breakwater keeps the shallows calm, while anchoring points allow an even more dramatic… read more »

  • 59. Playa de Ajuy // Fuerteventura

    Playa de Ajuy
    © tomas t.

    A beach that is as deep as it is wide, Playa de Ajuy is composed of dark, almost black sand surrounded in bare grey cliffs on either side. Situated on the west coast of Fuerteventura, Ajuy Beach is an area of the island's coast to enjoy from the land, since strong currents can drag swimmers out to sea.

    Immediately behind Playa de Ajuy you'll find a handful of authentic restaurants, many… read more »

  • 60. Caletón Blanco // Lanzarote

    Caletón Blanco
    Dario Garavini

    This rocky and sandy spot means ‘big white cove beach' in English, and it's another of Lanzarote's best family-friendly beaches. It's on the island's northern tip, just a couple of minutes' drive away from the fishing village of Orzola.

    In terms of facilities, there's not much to speak of by way of bars and restaurants, so you're best bringing your own food and drink if you're settling down for the day.… read more »