Top Canary Islands Beaches

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  • 31. Playa Chica // Lanzarote

    Playa Chica
    Frank Vincentz

    This cosy little beach is the Southernmost in Puerto del Carmen, just along the coast from the harbour in the old town.

    It's one of the more secluded beaches you'll find in the area, and is somewhat off the beaten track compared to its bigger neighbours up the coast, like Playa Grande. It's also a pretty snug spot, which is great when it's quiet, but as a result, it doesn't… read more »

  • 32. Playa Flamingo // Lanzarote

    Playa Flamingo
    kspltj .Polen

    This 200-metre stretch of ice white sand is pulled right up to the calm, crystal clear sea on Lanzarote's southern tip. 

    It's particularly popular with families, partly due to the breakwater in place, which helps to keep the waters calm, and partly due to the number of facilities and family-friendly amenities nearby.

    Showers and sunbeds are just a couple of the nice-to-haves you'll find at this beach, and there's a lengthy palm… read more »

  • 33. Playa del Confital // Gran Canaria

    Playa del Confital
    Bengt Nyman

    This laid-back spot is Gran Canaria's most northerly beach and is fairly off the beaten track. The vast majority of beachgoers who come here are locals, and it's a popular spot for sunset picnics and family barbecues.

    In terms of facilities, there aren't any, and that's how the locals like to keep it. There's a tiny town with a supermarket and a handful of restaurants that's just over five minutes' drive… read more »

  • 34. Playa de Troya // Tenerife

    Playa de Troya
    Ayuntamiento de la Histórica Villa de Adeje

    This caramel-coloured stretch of sand sits in Tenerife's Costa Adeje area, just a two-minute stroll along the coast from the loud and lively Playa de las Americas

    With its soft sands, calm waters and plentiful facilities, this beach has a Blue Flag tick to its name. On the facilities front, you'll find showers, toilets, umbrellas and sunloungers to name just a few. There's good disabled access too, and lifeguards are… read more »

  • 35. Güi-Güi // Gran Canaria


    All but hidden by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean at high tide, at low tide Güi Güi Beach reveals a narrow stretch of dramatic sand. A rich brown-black in colour and backed by towering mountain slopes dotted with tall cacti, it lies in a remote area of the Reserva Especial Natural de Güi-Güi.

    Pronounced ‘wee wee', Güi Güi Beach can be subdivided into two sections. The first reached is… read more »

  • 36. Playa de los Pocillos // Lanzarote

    Playa de los Pocillos
    Katie Belle

    This laid-back Lanzarote town sits on the island's east coast, just a 15-minute stroll away from the much livelier, Puerto del Carmen.

    Unlike many other parts of the island, Playa de los Pocillos doesn't have a long history of tourism, with most of the town's development taking place in the early nineties. As a result, despite being relatively busy, it remains one of Lanzarote's lesser-trodden resorts.

    As for the beach, it's a… read more »

  • 37. Playa de Mogan // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Mogan

    There's a best-of-both-worlds vibe to this golden crescent of sand, which is the westernmost beach on Gran Canaria's south coast. 

    The picturesque town that sits just behind the sand is a hub of whitewashed houses and narrow, cobbled streets, which are far removed from the tourist-filled spots on the island like Playa del Ingles, and far more in keeping with a traditional Spanish fishing town.

    As for the beach itself, the… read more »

  • 38. Playa de Puerto Rico // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Puerto Rico

    This family-friendly beach on Gran Canaria's southwest coast is probably best known for being the island's sunniest spot, with more hours of sunshine than anywhere else. 

    Combine this with a sheltered sandy beach and it's no surprise to know that it's an extremely popular spot with tourists, but it can get busy quite quickly. 

    Adrenaline-filled watersports are big business here, with usual suspects like jet-skiing and windsurfing on the cards. If you… read more »

  • 39. Playa de Sardina del Norte // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Sardina del Norte
    Wolfgang Sauber

    You'll find this picturesque beach in the far north of Gran Canaria, away from the hordes of tourists that flock to the busier seaside spots of Playa del Ingles and Playa de las Canteras.

    With its rugged cliffs, whitewashed buildings and soft gold sands, this place is perfect for some Insta-worthy snaps, and it has a far more traditional Spanish feel to it than some of its more popular… read more »

  • 40. Playa de Guayedra // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Guayedra

    Nestled along Gran Canaria's northwest coast, this secluded beach is as far away from the tourist trail as it gets. 

    The closest town, Agaete, is around 15 minutes' drive away, or just over an hour if you fancy the scenic walk, which takes you along the roads and down the hillside.

    Alternatively, if you are driving straight to the beach, you'll still need to park up and take a five-minute downhill stroll,… read more »

  • 41. Playa de Melenara // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Melenara

    This cosy black sand beach is tucked along Gran Canaria's eastern coastline, just a 10-minute drive from the airport, and around double that to the island's capital, Las Palmas.

    It's more locals than tourists here, so you're more likely to get an authentic Canarian beach experience than you would at some of the island's busier beaches.

    In terms of facilities, they've kept things simple, which perhaps explains the lack of tourists in… read more »

  • 42. Playa Meloneras // Gran Canaria

    Playa Meloneras

    Tucked away in Gran Canaria's southwestern corner, just a short way up the coast from Maspalomas' sand dunes, you'll find the soft golden sands at Playa de Meloneras.

    This 500-metre stretch of family-friendly beach rarely gets too crowded, with most tourists opting for the larger, busier spots along the coast, so it's ideal if you like plenty of wriggle room while you're catching the rays.

    The waters are warm and calm,… read more »

  • 43. Playa del Inglés // Gran Canaria

    Playa del Inglés

    This sprawling strip of biscuit-coloured sand is on Gran Canaria's southernmost tip, and it's undoubtedly one of Europe's best-known beaches.

    The golden sand stretches for a little under three kilometres, and the rolling dunes dotted along the beach make it one of the more unique stretches of shoreline you're likely to come across.

    On the facilities front, there's a good mix of big name chain restaurants and independent beach bars dotted along… read more »

  • 44. Playa de los Guios // Tenerife

    Playa de los Guios
    Michal Gorski

    Playa de los Guios is a black lava sand beach surrounding by the modern concrete seawall of the port to its south and high rugged cliffs to the north. It is also known as Playa Los Gigantes – the name given to these cliffs.

    At around 100 metres in total, it is not the largest of beaches in Tenerife. However, calm waters and the presence of lifeguards do make it a… read more »

  • 45. Playa de Gran Tarajal // Fuerteventura

    Playa de Gran Tarajal
    Frank Vincentz

    Playa de Gran Tarajal sits along Fuerteventura's southeast coast. Edged by whitewashed villas that climb part of the way up the surrounding hills, it stretches for approximately 600 metres with sand that shifts between golden yellow and black dependent upon the prevailing weather conditions.

    A favourite with locals rather than tourists, it can be up to 90 metres wide at low tide and generally has good swimming conditions thanks to a… read more »