Top Canary Islands Beaches

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  • 16. Sotavento // Fuerteventura

    © Dirk Vorderstraße / CC BY

    Situated on the "Calma Costa" which runs along the south east coast of Fuerteventura is Sotavento beach. A vast tract of golden, windswept beach this stretch of coast is about one of the most remote areas on the island.

    Sotavento is a collection of beaches which together create a virtually unbroken stretch of sand from Playa Barca right down to Morro Jable on the southern tip. That's 25 km… read more »

  • 17. Playa de Esquinzo // Fuerteventura

    Playa de Esquinzo
    Iván Hernández Cazorla

    Not to be confused with the beach of a similar name in Fuerteventura's south, Playa de Esquinzo is a relatively remote stretch of soft golden sand on the northwest coast, six kilometres from El Cotillo. It lies within a small horseshoe shaped bay at the end of a gravel road and beyond a footpath leading from the car park down the dark cliffs to the waves.

    Roughly 300 metres long by… read more »

  • 18. Playa Del Matorral // Fuerteventura

    Playa Del Matorral
    Dirk Vorderstraße

    Curving around the southernmost point of the island, the three-kilometre-long Playa del Matorral can be roughly split into two equal parts. Its rich golden sands have been awarded Blue Flag status for cleanliness time and time again over the years, while the waves that come ashore are also normally calm.

    The section closest to the city of Morro Jable is where you'll find the majority of hotels, as well as most… read more »

  • 19. Playa de Benijo // Tenerife

    Playa de Benijo

    Forming a part of Parque Rural de Anaga, Playa de Benijo lies on Tenerife's northern coast close to the island's easternmost point. It runs without break into the neighbouring beach of Playa de Fabin although its widest point sits at the base of the curve of the bay.

    Because of its location within the reserve, Playa de Benijo is one for lovers of nature and narrow mountain roads. Views include… read more »

  • 20. Playa del Águila // Fuerteventura

    Playa del Águila
    Sebastian Köttinger

    A wild and relatively wind-swept section of Fuerteventura's northwest coast, Playa del Águila also goes by the name of Playa de la Escalera, or Stairs Beach. A beach for a romantic sunset stroll rather than family day out, its orange-gold sands are backed by high sheer cliffs and lack any kind of facilities.

    To reach it, visitors must travel a short distance along an unsurfaced road before tackling a set of… read more »

  • 21. Playa del Castillo // Fuerteventura

    Playa del Castillo
    Bengt Nyman

    Playa del Castillo is one of Fuerteventura's most popular beaches when it comes to visitor numbers and names. Also known as Caleta de Fuste and Piedra Playa, it is considered a good beach for families even though strong surf means younger paddlers shouldn't be left alone in the water.

    Close to a wide range of hotel complexes and places to eat and drink, it lies on the western side of the… read more »

  • 22. Playa Esmeralda // Fuerteventura

    Playa Esmeralda
    © nito

    Playa Esmeralda sits on the broad neck of the Jandia peninsula in the far south of Fuerteventura, and faces east. Best reached with a private vehicle, the final section of the journey requires a short drive along a dirt road from the FV-2 highway. Beyond the car park, low cliffs slip down onto the beige sand.

    Playa Esmeralda stretches for roughly 400 metres in length, and at its maximum extent is… read more »

  • 23. Dunas de Corralejo // Fuerteventura

    Dunas de Corralejo
    Victor R. Ruiz

    While small by most standards, at 2.5 by 10.5 kilometres, Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park remains one of the highlights of the Canaries. Part beach and part volcanic landscape, it is named after the huge sand dune which sits at the park's northern end. It sees pale sands meet shallows the colour of turquoise. Meanwhile, its southern end takes on a slightly different scene, with rocks spread across the deep… read more »

  • 24. Playa Famara // Lanzarote

    Playa Famara
    Victor R. Ruiz

    Playa Famara faces out into the waters of Bahia de Penedo on Lanzarote's northwest coast. Part of the Chinijo Archipelago Nature Park, it offers excellent views of La Graciosa island, which sits off Lanzarote's northern tip.

    Stretching for an incredible five kilometres, Playa Famara's yellow sands never get crowded, though in places they are mixed with ancient volcanic pebbles from the massif of rock that overlooks the shore.

    Sometimes called the Hawaii… read more »

  • 25. Playa de los Clicos // Lanzarote

    Playa de los Clicos
    Victor R. Ruiz

    Surely one of Europe's most unusual natural spectacles, Playa de los Clicos consists of black volcanic sands backed by a lagoon of vivid green. This is in turn edged to one side by the caldera of a volcano now partially lost to the sea.

    Thankfully the green of the lagoon isn't the result of some terrible nuclear accident, but the natural algae that found the mineral-rich waters so agreeable. Part of… read more »

  • 26. Playa de Las Alcaravaneras // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Las Alcaravaneras

    Less than five minutes' drive away from Playa de las Canteras is the slightly lesser-trodden sands of Playa de las Alcaraveneras. 

    Whereas surfers and snorkellers head to the waves and reefs at its near-neighbour, this particular spot is more popular for sailing and canoeing.

    The sands are what you'd expect from a Gran Canaria beach, with a soft texture and a custard cream colour to them, while there are enough ice-cream… read more »

  • 27. Playa de Las Canteras // Gran Canaria

    Playa de Las Canteras
    Bengt Nyman

    This golden sandy beach on Gran Canaria's northeastern tip is just a few miles from the island's capital, Las Palmas.

    This place is a real hotspot for snorkellers, who flock from far and wide to check out the natural reef and the sea creatures that swim in the calm waters here. And if you fancy giving snorkelling a go but don't have your own gear, there are plenty of shops and… read more »

  • 28. Playa de Costa Calma // Fuerteventura

    Playa de Costa Calma

    Playa de Costa Calma, or Costa Calma Beach, can be found just off the main road in Fuerteventura's south. Roughly two kilometres in length at low tide when several sections of coast are joined together, the beach is a good all-round option, with sunbathing, swimming and a variety of water sports on offer.

    Made up of white sand and waters that are hard to resist, Playa de Costa Calma is backed… read more »

  • 29. Playa del Jabililo // Lanzarote

    Playa del Jabililo
    Frank Vincentz

    A popular beach on the Costa Teguise, Playa del Jablillo occupies the western side of a cove protected by sea walls. These ensure few heavy waves make it to shore, and the resulting calm waters are ideal for both swimming and snorkelling.

    Predominantly made up of sand with some low, smooth rocks protruding through it in places, Playa del Jablillo has a family feel. Roughly 350 meters in length, most visitors… read more »

  • 30. Playa Francesa // Lanzarote

    Playa Francesa
    © Lapping

    Set on the little island of – La Graciosa, Playa Francesa, or Playa de la Francesa, has a fine expanse of sand offering excellent views towards the northern coastal cliffs of Lanzarote. Split into two parts by a rock breakwater, the beach's white sand runs for a total of around 450 metres alongside turquoise waters.

    Free of facilities and amenities, visitors come to enjoy its nature, but this does require beachgoers… read more »