Playa Francesa

Set on the little island of – La Graciosa, Playa Francesa, or Playa de la Francesa, has a fine expanse of sand offering excellent views towards the northern coastal cliffs of Lanzarote. Split into two parts by a rock breakwater, the beach’s white sand runs for a total of around 450 metres alongside turquoise waters.

Free of facilities and amenities, visitors come to enjoy its nature, but this does require beachgoers to bring all they may need to fully enjoy their time on Playa Francesa. With waters as calm as these and a range of fish sharing the water, we’d recommend slipping a snorkel among the beach towels and bottles of water.

The beach is quietest during the morning hours, and it’s not uncommon for tourist boats to arrive at around midday and anchor at the public mooring site. By land, you’ll find the beach located at the end of the coast road from Caleta del Sebo, with a 4x4 the best option. During the summer months it can become busy.

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