The Best Nude Beaches in Europe

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If naturism is your thing then you will struggle to find anywhere in the world better than Europe to hit the beach. Generally speaking the Europeans have a pretty relaxed attitude towards public nudity and this is reflected in the number of fantastic nude beaches across the contininent.

The choice of beaches where you can freely bare all or skinny dip to your heart's content is frankly staggering. And nudism isn't just relegated to obscure, rocky little coves hidden away off the beaten track. Of course they exist, but so do clothing-optional city beaches and mile upon mile of pristine sandy coast where anything (or nothing) goes.

On most European beaches going topless won't even raise an eyebrow these days so that would just be any different to a list of Europe's best beaches. Many of the beaches we have listed below feature on this list too, but all are safe and welcoming nude beaches where the only rules are to respect one another.

  • Šunj (Lopud Island) // Croatia

    Šunj (Lopud Island)

    Located on the island of Lopud, one of the Elaphite Islands close to Dubrovnik, Šunj Beach offers an enticing tranquillity amid rich blue waters, Mediterranean forest, and appealing sands with a shallow draft into the sea. Famously, visitors to Šunj can have to walk up to 100 metres to reach a depth where it is possible to swim, making the beach a tip-top destination for families with younger children, as well as adults looking for a paddle without getting soaked.

    Close to one kilometre in length, much of Šunj's solitude comes… read more »

  • Aguas Blancas Beach // Spain

    Aguas Blancas Beach
    ©lunamarina / CanStockPhoto

    The often quiet, secluded Aguas Blancas beach is a far cry from the resort towns on the south of the island. This long beach of fine sand gets its name (meaning "white water") from the white horse's that frequently crest the waves on choppy days. However, these prevailing winds that blow throughout the year become a welcome breeze in the summer months when this beach comes into its own.

    Aguas Blancas has an unspoiled feel about it with high cliffs and various stone stacks running the length of the beach. The… read more »

  • Yyteri Beach // Finland

    Yyteri Beach

    Yyteri Beach is a magnificent 6-kilometre stretch of golden sands on Finland's west coast. It looks out over the chilly waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, which merges with the Baltic Sea at its southern end. Backed by extensive sand dunes, and woodland beyond, the beach at Yyteri has a wild feel.

    This beach resort is one of the most popular summer destinations with Nordic residents, thanks to its position between Yyteri Nature Trail and the Bothnian Sea National Park. The trail follows the seashore and takes you past some… read more »

  • Psarou Beach // Greece

    Psarou Beach
    © hansche

    Golden sands and family-friendly shallows of clear blue waters have made Psarou Beach a Mykonos favourite for decades. Just ten minutes' drive time south from Mykonos International Airport, its large protected bay often plays host to the yachts of the rich and famous anchoring immediately offshore.

    Although Psarou Beach is a good size at 150 metres in length, this means it still gets crowded during the peak summer season. There can even be a waiting list for people wanting to experience the hot sand occupied by rows of neatly placed sun… read more »

  • Plage de Tahiti // France

    Plage de Tahiti
    ©Fred Bigio

    Set just far enough out of the town of Saint Tropez yet within a stone's throw is one of the areas best known beaches - the Plage de Tahiti. Adjoining Pampelonne beach this broad stretch of sand has everything one would expect from one of the French Riviera's top spots.

    On quieter days, outside the summer holidays, the beach could almost be described as secluded, with its backdrop of trees reminiscent of jungle foliage. However, mid-season the masses descend in their thousands to see and be seen.

    Presumably the name… read more »

  • Anthony Quinn Bay // Greece

    Anthony Quinn Bay
    ©Michael Mayer

    Anthony Quinn Bay beach lies at the end of the narrow fjord-like bay of the same name. It comprises pockets of golden sand tucked between natural biscuit-coloured rock formations. These provide protection from even the strongest waves. Pines and other native flora offer some natural shade, alongside umbrellas and sun loungers which are available to rent.

    Well known for the clarity and turquoise colour of its waters, Anthony Quinn Bay is best appreciated by saltwater lovers, who have the option of swimming and snorkelling amid underwater rocks, or drifting slightly further… read more »

  • Porthcurno Cove // UK

    Porthcurno Cove

    Porthcurno is one of the most westerly beaches in mainland Britain, just a few miles around the coast from Land's End. This cove is stunning in so many respects; the near white sand which is made from ground up sea shells, the clear turquoise water and the rugged granite cliffs that form a natural amphitheatre. The cove is not only a natural gem but is overlooked by the Minack, an open air theatre which is pretty spectacular in its own right.

    Pedn Vounder at the eastern end of the beach is… read more »

  • Bolonia // Spain


    In the province of Cadiz in Andalucia are the white sands of Bolonia beach which stretch out far along the coastline. Untouched and secluded, the soft sandy beach is backed by the remains of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, which are worth exploring.

    There is also a nudist section of the beach at the southern end of the bay.

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  • Red Beach // Greece

    Red Beach

    Red beach, so named because of the pinkish hue of the sand, is located just south of the better known beach of Matala. Both were firm favourites on the 1960s and 70s hippy trail and whilst Matala may have gone mainstream, Red beach still retains some of its laid back credentials.
    It's a lovely little beach set at the base of arid hillsides and limestone cliffs. The red sand is beautifully complemented by the crystal clear, aqua-marine waters of the Aegean Sea.

    The beach has a remote, secluded feel… read more »

  • Playa de Ses Illetes // Spain

    Playa de Ses Illetes
    ©Tono Balaguer / 123RF

    Located just a stones throw away from the party island of Ibiza is the small island of Formentera. Despite its proximity Formentera can only be reached by boat and feels like a different world. There are several beautiful beaches around this unspoilt island but the Playa de Ses Illetes is the best of the bunch with its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters.

    The beaches name comes from the six islets which lie just off the coast providing additional protection from the Mediterranean waves.

    The sand on Playa de… read more »

  • El Cofete Beach // Spain

    El Cofete Beach

    Cofete Beach is located just around the headland from the southern tip of Fuertaventura. The bright lights and resorts to the north of the island will do nothing to prepare you for the awe-inspiring scale and wildness of this beach. The beach is a wide expanse of golden sand that continues for as far as the eye can see. Directly behind the beach the dramatic mountains of Jandia rise hundreds of metres, there faces carved by thousands of years of harsh, dry winds. Set near the foot of the great… read more »

  • Maspalomas Beach // Spain

    Maspalomas Beach
    ©Tono Balaguer

    Set on the southern tip of the island of Gran Canaria is a little slice of the Sahara Desert. Over the centuries the fine golden sand here has been sculpted into an extensive network of dunes extending several hundred metres back from the beach. With a landscape like this you won't be surprised to know it hardly ever rains and the temperature rarely dips below a balmy 20°C (68°F). And just to really ram home the point about the desert-like dunes you can take a camel ride.

    OK, so there's… read more »

  • Holkham Beach // UK

    Holkham Beach

    Holkham beach is widely regarded as the finest beach in Norfolk, and by some the UK. In fact a recent survey amongst travel editors and writers put Holkham beach right at the top of the list. Whilst I don't agree with this result, it is still a very fine beach.

    The beach at Holkham is a great expanse of fine golden white sand which stretches off in every direction. For England there is a rare feeling of massive space and wilderness. This is probably what inspired the director of the… read more »

  • Agiofarago Beach // Greece

    Agiofarago Beach
    ©B.psycha / CC BY

    Agiofarago Beach sits at the foot of the Agiofarago Gorge, which you will need to traverse in order to reach the beach. This is an experience in itself as you hike through the vertical walls of rock. You will also pass by a number of caves where hermits from the Odigitria monastery still live today. There is also a small chapel of St Anthony there and the area in general is one of the most religiously significant locations in Crete.

    When you reach the mouth of the gorge, you will be… read more »

  • Playa de Las Conchas // Spain

    Playa de Las Conchas
    ©Gonzalo Serrano Espada

    Playa de las Conchas lies on the northwest coast of the little island of La Graciosa, five kilometres along a gravel road from the ferry departure point back to Lanzarote. Its almost white sand stretches for 600 metres beside shallows the colour of turquoise. Reaching a maximum width of around 100 metres, Playa de las Conchas is surrounded by the red-tinted foothills of the volcano Montana Bermeja.

    Meaning "mussel beach" because of the shells you'll find here, Playa de las Conchas is pristine, and has few facilities. While a stunning place… read more »