Agiofarago Beach

  • Agiofarago Beach - Greece
    © B.psycha / CC BY Pinterest
  • Agiofarago Beach - Greece
    © Nikolaos Alexopoulos / CC BY Pinterest

Agiofarago Beach sits at the foot of the Agiofarago Gorge, which you will need to traverse in order to reach the beach. This is an experience in itself as you hike through the vertical walls of rock. You will also pass by a number of caves where hermits from the Odigitria monastery still live today. There is also a small chapel of St Anthony there and the area in general is one of the most religiously significant locations in Crete.

When you reach the mouth of the gorge, you will be greeted by the view of calm blue waters and fine pebble beach. Sheltered by towering, sheer cliffs, there is also a rock arch to the west where you can swim.

If you are up for adventure, you can climb the cliffs on the east side of the beach - well worth it for the stunning views over the coast. You can also see Vourvoulis, a lake hidden within the cliffs. It is actually an open sinkhole with an undersea passage to the open sea.

If you drive to this location, you can park on a plateau just above the beach. Make sure that you leave your car in the open; if you park under a tree for shade, the goats will jump on your car to eat the leaves. This is one of the treasures of Crete!

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