11 Best Nude Beaches in France

Whilst naturism didn't originate in France, there are few countries that have such a strong association with it. Since arriving in the 1920s the French haven't looked back and its popularity has only grown.

The result has been a long history of nudist beaches, many of which are well-maintained by the French Federation of Naturism.

The finest nude beaches in France are those that have the requisite mix of smooth sand, adequate amenities, and some seclusion - oh and of course warm clean water to cool off in. With hundreds of kilometres of lovely beaches and, of course, a generally sunny climate, France is a great spot to practise naturism.

The Mediterranean coast, where the waters are clear and calm, and the sunshine is more or less guaranteed is probably the most popular area for naturists. But it would be a mistake to overlook the other regions. The Atlantic coast has some incredibly popular resorts and endless sandy beaches. There are also numerous inland river and lakeside beaches where nude bathing is practised.

As you can see from our selection below, there is a wide variety of nudist beaches in France, with ample options for everyone.

The Best French naturist beaches...

  • Plage de Tahiti // Cote d'Azur

    Plage de Tahiti
    Fred Bigio

    Set just far enough out of the town of Saint Tropez yet within a stone's throw is one of the areas best known beaches - the Plage de Tahiti. Adjoining Pampelonne beach this broad stretch of sand has everything one would expect from one of the French Riviera's top spots.

    On quieter days, outside the summer holidays, the beach could almost be described as… read more »

  • Pampelonne Beach // Cote d'Azur

    Pampelonne Beach
    © Daniel Kaesler

    In the playground for the rich and famous that is Saint Tropez, it is Pampelonne Beach that has been at the centre of this glamorous scene since the 1950s. This stretch of coast was made famous by Brigitte Bardot in when she appeared in a gingham bikini on Tahiti beach in the 1956 film "And God Created Woman". In the years that followed… read more »

  • Kerminihy // Morbihan


    Extending for around 2 kilometres along the central Brittany coast, the Plage Kerminihy is wonderfully undeveloped stretch of pale golden sand. To the rear there is nothing but dunes (access prohibited), and in front - the Atlantic Ocean.

    Kerminihy is the only beach in the Erdeven commune where naturism is tolerated. Although not an official nudist beach naturists have happily coexisted with "textiles" for many years.

    The… read more »

  • Les Grottes (Île du Levant) // Hyères Islands

    Les Grottes (Île du Levant)

    One of the four islands which make up the Îles d'Hyères, the Île du Levant sits just off the southern tip of mainland France. Less than 10km off the coast the island is a quick ferry ride away, but a very different world awaits.

    The majority of the heavily forested 8km long island is owned by the French military and is out of bounds. Home to… read more »

  • Cap d'Agde Naturist Beach // Occitanie

    Cap d'Agde Naturist Beach
    jean-louis Zimmermann

    Located on the French Riviera, not far from the city of Montpellier is Cap d'Agde. This Languedoc resort only really dates back to the late 1960s when it grew around the large marina that was built. 

    There are several sandy beaches around the town but the biggest is the 5 kilometre long Cap d'Agde naturist beach. Stretching from the port of Agde town to the harbour… read more »

  • Montalivet Naturist Beach // Aquitaine

    Montalivet Naturist Beach
    © ecowez

    Montalivet sits midway along France's Atlantic coast. The region is characterised by seemingly endless stretches of sand backed by dunes and forest beyond. The nude beach at Montalivet (Plage Naturiste de Montalivet) makes up a comparatively modest 2 kilometres of this sandy expanse.

    A stone's throw from Bordeaux the beach backs onto what is said to be the world's first naturist resort. Dating back to 1950… read more »

  • La Jenny // Aquitaine

    La Jenny
    © sylv1rob1

    This remote and wild stretch of sand can be found between Le Porge and Cap Ferret on France's Atlantic coast. There are mile upon mile of beach in both directions with a uniform backing of high dunes. What differentiates the sand to the north and south is the latter is officially clothing optional whilst the former is for "textiles".

    Unless you are staying at the La… read more »

  • Plage de Piémanson // Cote d'Azur

    Plage de Piémanson

    This remote beach lies on the edge of the Camargue wetlands at the mouth of the River Rhone. Backed by the salt marshes of Salin-de-Giraud this area really is somewhat cut off from civilisation. Access is limited by the wetlands to one side and the river to the other, with the nearest crossing point, a ferry, some 10km upstream.

    Given it's seclusion and the near-10 kilometre… read more »

  • Plage de Kerler // Finistère

    Plage de Kerler
    © atomdruid

    This long strip of sand stretches for nearly 2 kilometres between the popular holiday town of Benodet and Pointe de Mousterlin. However, the beach manages to retain an air of seclusion and wilderness as it is cut off from the town by a river estuary.

    It is perhaps because of this relative remoteness that the beach has a nudist section. This clothing optional area is towards Benodet… read more »

  • Port-Leucate Naturist Beach // Occitanie

    Port-Leucate Naturist Beach
    © nito500

    The naturist beach at Port-Leucate feels somewhat like a private island. To the south is the main harbour entrance and to the north, oyster farms, leaving around a kilometre of sand between them. With a large lagoon a little way behind the beach you don't see too many passers-by.

    Clothes are not optional on this beach, so everybody has to get naked! What better way to… read more »

  • Bagheera Naturist Beach // Corsica

    Bagheera Naturist Beach

    Set between the Mediterranean and the mountains, Corsica's east coast consists of mile upon mile of beach, often only backed by pine and cypress forest. The area around Linguizzetta is no exception with a long string of beaches only separated by name.

    The sand here is quite coarse, but also near-white which contrasts with the clear blue of the Med. By local standards Bagheera beach is… read more »