8 Best Nude Beaches in The Caribbean

With its white sand beaches, year-round sunshine and crystal-clear turquoise waters you would imagine the Caribbean was a paradise for naturists. However, it isn’t quite as simple as you’d imagine and if you don’t do your research you may well be disappointed.

On many of the Caribbean islands attitudes are quite conservative, which basically means nudism is not tolerated and even going topless might land you in hot water. For example public nudity is a big no-no in Barbados, the Virgin Islands and St Lucia.

If you do want to find nude beaches in the Caribbean then you will be better off heading towards the non-English speaking islands. Whilst there are not a not a huge number of clothing optional beaches there are a handful on islands like Guadeloupe, Antigua and Cuba. The good news is these are not the just the grotty, pebbly end of the popular beaches, these are picture-postcard tropical beauties.

As they say, you have to break a rule to make a rule, and this is where Jamaica comes in. English speaking, it probably has the most and best known nudist beaches in the Caribbean, the best known of which is out front of the notorious Hedonism II resort.

The Best Caribbean naturist beaches...

  • Playa Paraiso // Cuba

    Playa Paraiso
    © sergey02

    Playa Paraiso is a fabulous stretch of beach where soft, powdery white sand runs parallel to a turquoise sea, all under an almost eternally clear blue sky. It is sandwiched between Playa Blanca and Playa Sirena beaches to the east and west respectively. These and a number of other top-rated beaches are dotted around the resort island of Cayo Largo, just off the Cuban southwest… read more »

  • Cayo Santa Maria // Cuba

    Cayo Santa Maria
    Eric Marshall

    Connected to Cuba's main island at Caibarien by a long causeway, Cayo Santa Maria is one of a series of small islands lining the country's northern shores from Matanzas in the west to Camalote in the east.

    Little more than a sand bank which rises just four metres above the waves of the Caribbean, Cayo Santa Maria has exquisite white sand beaches totalling 13 kilometres in… read more »

  • Seven Mile Beach // Jamaica

    Seven Mile Beach
    © Chee-Onn Leong / 123RF

    When you get to the holiday town of Negril, you have also reached the western-most point of tropical Jamaica. No need to worry though, because, apart from a staggering choice of accommodation options, Negril has some of the most stunning beaches anywhere on the planet, and Seven Mile Beach is right up there with the best. As its name suggests, Seven Mile offers plenty of… read more »

  • Grande Saline Beach // St Barts

    Grande Saline Beach

    Grande Saline beach on St Barts (or St Barths) is probably the best known on this Caribbean island for two reasons. Firstly this beach is stunning; set in a wide bay on St Bart's less developed south coast Grande Saline has everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach. There is fine, golden-white sand, the water is brilliant aquamarine and to top it off the… read more »

  • Eden Beach // Antigua

    Eden Beach
    Roger Green

    If you're looking for Eden, you've found it! Eden Beach is a wide expanse of gently sloping sand which runs for roughly a kilometre. Situated on the island's west coast, it's around 20 minutes from St John's, and is reached by passing through the Hawksbill Resort, but remains relatively secluded.

    This is important because Eden Beach is Antigua's only clothing optional beach. It rarely becomes that… read more »

  • Gouverneur Beach // St Barts

    Gouverneur Beach

    Gouverneur Beach comprises a broad expanse of near white sand located at the end of a deep bay known by the name of the Anse du Gouverneur. Situated close to the island's southernmost point, the beach is flanked by low, shapely hills of rock speckled with planting, and backed by an even denser expanse of green.

    With few manmade structures in sight, Gouverneur Beach has a… read more »

  • Orient Beach // St Martin

    Orient Beach

    Orient Bay Beach (Baie Orientale) is situated on the northeast coast of the Caribbean island of St Martin Island and is known for its powdery white sand and sparkling clear-blue waters. Stretching for around a mile and a half the beach is cooled by the trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. A day at Orient Bay is an absolute must while on the island as… read more »

  • Petite Anse de Salines // Martinique

    Petite Anse de Salines
    © Jean Luc Azou

    Situated between Anse Meunier and Grande Anse, Petite Anse des Salines is a beautiful white sand beach lapped by the calm turquoise ocean. As the beach is not directly accessible by road, it is one of the quietest spots on the island as not many people make the effort to walk the 500m along the coast path.

    With a backdrop of low dense vegetation punctuated by coconut… read more »