Top 25+ Canada Beaches

The Best Canadian Beaches...

  • Chesterman Beach // British Columbia

    Chesterman Beach
    Imogene Huxham

    Chesterman Beach is on the west side of the Tofino peninsula on Vancouver Island, just south of Tofino town. It is divided into two main sections, Chesterman Beach South (or "South Chestie" as the locals call it) and Chesterman Beach North. Totalling 3 km in length, Chesterman Beach is divided in the middle by Franks' Island, a tombolo which is an island attached to the… read more »

  • Wreck Beach // British Columbia

    Wreck Beach
    © Colin Knowles / CC BY

    Located in Vancouver, BC Wreck Beach is a 7.8 km long nudist beach, making it the largest naturist beach in North America.

    Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the beach wraps around the western tip of Point Grey Headland and is fairly easy to access down one of the steep trails with wooden stairs (about 500!) from Marine Drive. There's a car park (fee) and… read more »

  • Spanish Banks // British Columbia

    Spanish Banks

    Located on Northwest Marine Drive about 8 km west of downtown Vancouver, Spanish Banks is possibly the most beautiful sandy beaches in the area.

    The beach is sandwiched between Locarno Beach and the University of BC and a cycling/walking trail connects them. It has three distinct areas: east, west and extension.

    The sandy beach is very flat with shallow water; at low tide, the water… read more »

  • Singing Sands // Prince Edward Island

    Singing Sands
    William Matheson

    Imagine walking along the beach and hearing strange musical tones. You might think you're going a little crazy, but actually the Singing Sands are the source of this extraordinary phenomenon.

    The grains of sand actually squeak or "sing" when you drag your feet or rustle the sand with your hands. It's actually the high content of silica and quartz in the dry sand particles that rub… read more »

  • Dennis Beach // New Brunswick

    Dennis Beach
    © James Mann / CC BY

    Dennis Beach, New Brunswick is in the sheltered Bay of Fundy, close to the town of Waterside and within sight of the greenery-topped stacks at Hopewell Rocks.

    The narrow sandy beach runs parallel to the 915 highway and access to the beach is from the parking area. Walk back towards the road and take the trail on the left that leads down to the sand.… read more »

  • Dune de Bouctouche // New Brunswick

    Dune de Bouctouche
    © Ultimograph5 / CC BY

    Located on Route 475 in New Brunswick, the Dune de Bouctouche is in a remote and uncrowded area. The name comes from a native Mi'kmaq word meaning "Great little harbour" which refers to the nearby riverside town of Bouctouche.

    Stretching for 12km, Bouctouche is one of the longest dunes on North America's East Coast. The dunes and golden sandy beach are home to many birds… read more »

  • English Bay Beach // British Columbia

    English Bay Beach
    © Kenny Louie / CC BY

    Originally known as First Beach, English Bay Beach is in downtown Vancouver along Beach Ave (of course!) between Gilford and Bidwell Streets. The curving sandy beach is where the shores of Vancouver meet the Pacific Ocean.

    The eastern edge of the beach is bounded by the Stanley Park Seawall which is popular for walking, bicycling and running. This wide promenade runs along the waterfront… read more »

  • Gimli Beach // Manitoba

    Gimli Beach
    © Robert Linsdell / CC BY

    In Norse mythology, Gimli is the most beautiful place in the afterlife so Gimli Beach has it lot to live up to!

    Located in Manitoba, the heart of "New Iceland", the curving light sandy bay at Gimli Beach is pretty perfect, especially in summer. Earlier settlers brought their Icelandic heritage and traditions and they are remembered in the towering Viking statue at the south… read more »

  • Ingonish Beach // Nova Scotia

    Ingonish Beach
    Dennis Jarvis
    read more »
  • Jericho Beach // British Columbia

    Jericho Beach
    © GoToVan / CC BY

    Located just west of Kitsilano, Jericho Beach is a well-used sandy beach and grassy park in Vancouver. It's a great place for a picnic overlooking the water and watching sail boats in the waters of English Bay from the local Sailing Centre.

    The beach is named after Jeremiah Rogers who ran a logging camp in the area in the 1860s. The beach was known… read more »

  • Kitsilano Beach // British Columbia

    Kitsilano Beach
    © Xicotencatl / CC BY

    Overlooking the waters of English Bay in Vancouver, Kitsilano Beach is a popular, often crowded sandy beach at the north end of Yew Street. Edged by a broad seawall, it is home to the saltwater Kitsilano Pool, the longest pool in Canada, which is operated by the Vancouver Park Board and open from May to September. Alternatively, visitors can swim in the sea and make… read more »

  • Long Beach // British Columbia

    Long Beach
    © Adam Jones / CC BY

    Located at Tofino on Vancouver Island, Long Beach certainly lives up to its name. Stretching for 16km, the unbroken white sand is the longest beach on the island. Reached from Hwy 4 (Pacific Rim Highway) and despite its isolated location it attracts over a million visitors each year.

    The beautiful sand collects massive amounts of driftwood and is edged by old-growth forest. Pounded by the… read more »

  • MacKenzie Beach // British Columbia

    MacKenzie Beach
    Ruth Hartnup

    Close to Tofino on Vancouver Island, MacKenzi Beach (also spelt Mackenzie or MacKenzie Beach) has surprisingly calm sheltered waters making it popular with families.MacKenzi Beach's main claim to fame is that the remake of the movie The Fog was filmed there.

    Protected from high winds and wave action by rock formations and the offshore island, Mackenzi Beach is a good choice for swimming, standup paddleboarding and… read more »

  • North Kouchibouguac Dune // New Brunswick

    North Kouchibouguac Dune
    © Larry / CC BY

    Located in Kouchibouguac National Park, North Kouchibouguac Dune is a famously long sandy dune beach stretching for 25km. Named after the Kouchibouguac River, the word in Mi'kmaq appropriately means "River of long tides".

    The sensitive dunes and bogs are protected by the park system since 1969 when the land was expropriated from local families with one notable exception; Jackie Vautour refused to move and still lives… read more »

  • Parlee Beach // New Brunswick

    Parlee Beach
    © Claire Madison

    Said to be the best beach in New Brunswick, Parlee Beach Provincial Park is a popular beach with everything you could possibly want. This certified Blue Flag Beach (awarded in 2020) is located in Pointe-du-Chêne and is open daily. Admission fees apply.

    The sandy beach has relatively warm sheltered waters (it claims to have the warmest saltwater in Canada). There are lifeguard patrols for safe swimming… read more »