Crystal Crescent Beach

Roughly 30 kilometres south of Halifax, Crystal Crescent Beach sits at the mouth of the provincial capital’s harbour within a provincial park. But this does nothing to take away from the natural beauty of this area of coastline.

Crystal Crescent Beach is actually formed of three white sand beaches dotted with oversized pebbles, each of which are backed by low shrubs. This gives them a sense of privacy and seclusion. Boardwalks link the first two beaches to the parking area, which also acts as the trailhead for the 10 kilometre hike to Pennant Point.

The clear waters attract all manner of people keen to swim and sunbathe, while its more discrete corners are known to draw the naturist community too.

There are no facilities on the beach except for public toilets. Both the beach and provincial park are open from dawn until dusk throughout the year.

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