Top 19 Mexico Beaches

Boasting nearly 7,000 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder that Mexico offers an abundance of stunning beaches , attracting sun-seekers and watersport enthusiasts alike. There are more than 450 beaches around the Mexican coastline where they meet with one of four waters - the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California and Caribbean Sea.

There are white powdery sands lapped by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean whilst dramatic and powerful swells roll in from the Pacific Ocean.Whilst some beaches are home to an impressive array of sealife the golden sands of many transform into hot party spots when the sun goes down

The beaches of Mexico are so diverse that whatever you're in search of your certain to find it here.

The Best Mexican Beaches...

  • Hidden Beach // Islas Marietas

    Hidden Beach
    Christian Frausto Bernal

    The Marietas Islands, off Mexico's west coast are home to one of the most unusual beaches you will find anywhere. Whilst it wouldn't rank on a top 10 list of beaches for its modest stretch of (albeit very nice) sand it is has to get a mention just because of how weird and wonderful it is.

    Imagine a large cave with a beach in it -… read more »

  • El Castillo // Quintana Roo

    El Castillo

    The beach at Tulum is pretty much your standard Caribbean coast beach; crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sand and low limestone cliffs draped in tropical vegetation. However, the beach at El Castillo can do even better than this.

    Located on what has been dubbed the Riviera Maya, the beach here is backed by the ruins of an ancient Mayan port of Zama. The Tulum… read more »

  • Xpu Há // Quintana Roo

    Xpu Há

    Xpu-ha Beach (pronounced Shpoo-Ha) is a typical crescent of white sandy lapped by gentle aquamarine waters on the Yucatan peninsula. It's just off Hwy 307, tucked between the popular resort of Playa del Carmen (17 miles away) and Akumal, but it's rarely overcrowded.

    The offshore reef is excellent for snorkelling, but you need to wade through patches of algae that occasionally form along the shoreline… read more »

  • Playa del Amor // Baja

    Playa del Amor
    © Daniel Conde

    Near the popular tourist town of Cabo San Lucas is Playa del Amor, also known as Lover's Beach, one of the the most striking beach in Mexico thanks to its natural geology. The golden sands here are surrounded by two imposing rocks that rise out of the sea, but it is just around the corner that you'll find the main feature; a huge natural rock… read more »

  • Isla Pasion // Cozumel

    Isla Pasion

    Located at the northeast end of San Miguel de Cozumel island (usually referred to simply as Cozumel) Isla de Pasion is a true beach paradise in Quintana Roo. The 1/2 mile long spit of land is traditionally a site where Mayan couples came to ask Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of love and fertility for a happy marriage and healthy children. Consequently it's a popular place… read more »

  • Yelapa // Jalisco

    Jordan Schwartz

    One of the more traditional and quaint beaches in Mexico, Playa del Yelapa is an old hippy hangout that still retains much of its old world charm with its laid back vibe and rustic atmosphere around the pier.

    It occupies a beautiful position on a charming bay and backed by tropical hills and fringed with coconut palm trees.

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  • Akumal Beach // Quintana Roo

    Akumal Beach
    © Alexander Shalamov

    Akumal Beach is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum in the heart of the Riviera Maya on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. It is a long white sand beach that is lapped by the warm turquoise seas of the Caribbean. Behind the palm trees lies a charming little town that is well equipped to meet the needs of visitors.

    Often seen as one of Mexico's best… read more »

  • Playa Norte // Quintana Roo

    Playa Norte
    © Eddy Galeotti

    Located on Isla Mujeres is the beach of Playa Norte, a tropical island getaway that seems worlds apart from the resort town of Cancun just 20 minute boat ride away. Here the crystal clear aquamarine waters meet the soft white sands and lush palm trees sway gently in the breeze. Playa Norte really does offer its tranquil, relaxing atmosphere that you won't find on most… read more »

  • Isla Holbox // Quintana Roo

    Isla Holbox

    Isla Holbox is a Caribbean island just off the northern tip of the popular Yucatan peninsula, off the coast of Quintana Roo. Less than one mile wide, the 26-mile long island runs parallel to the Chiquila Coast creating a protected lagoon that is home to flamingos, pelicans and other birdlife.

    Holbox actually means "black hole" but there's no sign of anything fitting this definition, in fact… read more »

  • Playa Puerto Angelito // Oaxaca

    Playa Puerto Angelito
    Adam Jones

    Located in the popular beach destination of Oaxaca, Playa Puerto Angelito is a small family-friendly beach just to the west of Manzanillo Beach. Together these adjacent beaches stretch for about 120 metres.

    Both these attractive beaches curve around the bay and have beautiful white sand, clear aquamarine waters and rocks at either end, but Puerto Angelito is busier with fishermen pulling up their boats and… read more »

  • Playa Zicatela // Oaxaca

    Playa Zicatela

    Playa Zicatela is the biggest and one of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido. It's easy to reach from the town with street parking nearby. The 3.5km long sandy beach is a popular surfing spot with plenty of wave action from the famous "Mexican Pipeline" at the northern end of the beach. This tubular wave can reach up to 20 feet in height providing a… read more »

  • Playa Delfines // Quintana Roo

    Playa Delfines

    Playa Delfines is a quiet sandy beach towards the south end of Cancun's Hotel Zone and about 10 miles from downtown Cancun. The word "Delfines" means "dolphins" and these playful creatures can often be seen leaping and swimming in pods just offshore.

    The beach is on the famous white sandy spit that separates the calm Nichupte Lagoon on one side from the blue Caribbean Sea on… read more »

  • Playa Mazunte // Oaxaca

    Playa Mazunte

    The small beach town of Mazunte is just west of San Agustin on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca. Far from the main tourist route and requiring a rough 8-hour road journey from Oaxaca City, it remains a quiet haven, so you'll only have the company of a few backpackers and locals on this lovely beach.

    The 1km long cove is sheltered by the Punta Cometa peninsula… read more »

  • Playa Zipolite // Oaxaca

    Playa Zipolite
    Ana Escobar

    Located on the southern coast of Oaxaca state, Playa Zipolite is Mexico's first and only legal nudist beach. It is very popular as a clothing-optional resort and is pretty laid back, with the use of marijuana largely ignored. On the first week in February the beach hosts the annual Festival Nudista Zipolite.

    On a slightly macabre note, the name Zipolite means "beach of the dead" which… read more »

  • Divorce Beach // Baja

    Divorce Beach
    Karen Blaha

    Located on the very southern tip of Baja California Sur, among the stunning rock formations of Cabo San Lucas, is Divorce Beach (Playa Divorcio). A beautiful stretch of near-white sand backed by high cliffs this beach is adjoined by the much better known Lover's Beach, or Playa del Amor.

    It is in fact quite difficult to separate the two beaches, but basically Lover's beach looks… read more »